New Friends - A Good Day

This afternoon as Ethan and I got off the elevator during a visit to the ocularist, there was a man sitting on the bench by the elevator with his little girl. As I glanced over at them, I could see she, like Ethan, had her lenses out, and since Ethan had his white cane in hand as we got off the elevator, the man could see we, too were members of the "Planet of the Blind."

It's always nice going to Randy Trawnik, the ocularist's office. Everyone's there for the same reason and is relieved not to have to explain to anyone or ignore rude looks; we're all in this together.

The dad and I struck up a conversation, and as it turns out, he, his wife, and their three kids moved to Austin (the only good place in TX [I can say that 'cause I was born here]) and his m-i-l lives with them, as well. I thought maybe with a three year-old who's blind, he might need and/or appreciate some helpful resource info, but it turns out his wife was a pedi- nurse, so they quickly got their ducks in a row, and moved out of Nevada as soon as he could get a company transfer!

But the best news to me...

the parents and the m-i-l all read braille! I was so happy to hear that, I tool off the alphabet bracelet I was wearing (no, not a sterling one!) and gave it to him to give to his wife for me. In those early days, Eric and I kept wishing we could find people who felt the same way we did, and we did meet a few, but not so many when Ethan was younger. I guess that's more due to the increased Internet connectivity.I love running into people who get it; don't you?!

Week 24-Status Link Bracelet

I'm two weeks behind but I've had four shows in the last five weeks so I've been restocking but haven't had much time to create anything new. Last weekend was a three day show in Northville. It was beastly hot and humid but Northville is a pretty town and the people were extremely nice. Sunday was shaping up to be a really good day until the tornado sirens went off and many vendors started frantically packing up their wares. Since there is no way I can tear down in under an hour anyway, I decided to hang in for a while. No tornado materialized but we did get thunderstorms. By then most of the vendors were closed so I had to admit it was over. That's Michigan for you.

Anyway last week I decided to do extreme housekeeping, for a change. While sorting through old magazines, I ran across a picture of a Prada handbag in a 2008 issue of Elle. The strap on that bag was the inspiration for this bracelet.

An Unexpected Break...

Just a quick post to say that I'm sorry that I haven't stuck to my usual blogging schedule this week--I came down with a flu, and now my computer seems to have gotten a flu, too! I'll be taking it to the computer doctor this week, and hope to have things resolved by Wednesday. I'll be offline until then, but hopefully I'll be back in time for my weekly Creative Space post :)

 Until then, I'll leave you with some photos from my recent trip to the Shelburne Museum. They had an exhibit of American crazy quilts from the 1800's on display, and I found the contrast of bold geometric shapes and delicate embroidery so interesting! Enjoy!
{click images to enlarge}


Bohemian Monday...{Parisienne}

Some flirty, light-hearted finds for this week's Bohemian Monday post...
I love the combination of pink, black and white--it's so feminine and très chic, aussi :)
And be sure to visit the Bohemian Embellishment Flickr Group for more inspiring photos!

P.S.--A Lovely Blog Feature!

Oh my gosh, I nearly forgot to mention! My sweet and very talented friend, Miss Emma Lamb, has written a lovely little post about my work on her blog! You can read it here--and I'm sure once you visit her blog, you'll be hooked, because she always finds the most inspiring images and does very lovely crochet work...
Here are some of her beautiful potholders--they're like little works of art ...
{I know, I have some hanging in my kitchen!}
And one of her beautiful granny pillows...
And her some of her signature forever flower garlands...
In addition to be a talented designer, Emma is one of the sweetest people I know :)
 You can visit her blog here, and find more of her vintage-inspired crochet creations on Etsy here.


Fairy Tale Friday...{Silvery}

I've been inspired lately by soft, silvery shades of grey and touches of crystal and off-white,
 so for this week's selections from the Fairy Tale Ornament Flickr Group
I chose photos that captured this whisper-soft color palette...
You can visit the group here to see more fairy tale-inspired photos, or to post your own!
And tying in with this color scheme is a new pair of earrings that I just finished 
{you could just see a glimpse of them in this week's Creative Space post...}
They're part of a wedding "parure" or matched set of jewelry--I'll be listing the bracelet and necklace in my Etsy shop very soon :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

My Creative Space...

Eye candy! 
I just love it when a package of new stones arrives in the mail...
These just came and I'm so happy with how vibrant the colors are. 
I'll gradually be working them into designs for my Fall/Holiday collection,
 as well as a custom order or two...
And here's another sneak peek into my studio today...
I just finished up these pieces of jewelry this afternoon,
 and they will be making their way into my Etsy shop shortly...
To see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces this week, or to join in the fun, visit Kirsty of Kootoyoo's blog!

A New Look...

As some astute readers of my blog noticed, this little sketch that I showed last week...
was part of my complete blog design makeover!

I've been wanting to have a lighter, airier, more feminine feel to my blog, and after experimenting with different photographs as a background, I struck upon the idea of drawing what I was visualizing...
then scanning it into the computer and adding color to the background and lace motif...
and voila--
a brand new look!
 I'm still making refinements to it--an expanded "About" and "Press" section are coming soon--but I'd love to hear what you think :)

My Creative Space...

Today I've been putting the finishing touches on these two new designs...
They're part of my wedding collection, and I think they would look rather pretty worn together :) 
The earrings are really a departure for me, as they are very tiny and are attached to sterling silver post earrings. I am really excited about how they turned out--this technique opens up a whole world of design possibilities and are perfect for women who like smaller, daintier earrings. They'll be available in my Etsy Shop in the next day or so...
I've also been working on another project which I'll just give a sneak preview of today...
Expect to see the finished product in the next day or so
 {and no, it isn't jewelry!}
On Monday, my husband and I took a road trip to visit the Shelburne Museum, which has a wonderful collection of antique quilts and other folk and decorative arts--I took tons of photos and will post some of them soon...
To see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces this week, check out Kirsty's blog {and if you're joining in this week, be sure to leave your link!}

Week 23-Silver Flower Necklaces

In working on a prototype for a new key tutorial, I ended up with several of these flower motifs in various sizes. The flower shape itself was inspired by Lisa Racine of Julida Designs, an artist whose work I really enjoy. I was trying to achieve one that was about an inch in diameter. Because the size of the flower is dependent on the diameter of the plier jaws where you form them, and there is no way to know in advance exactly how big they're going to turn out, I had to do some experimenting to get one the right size. Rather than consign the extras to the scrap box, I added beads and coiling and chains and ended up with two pretty cool necklaces. Even though I'm still not anywhere close to getting my key prototype done, at least I consider it was a productive day.

Fairy Tale Friday...{Mermaid's Treasure}

For this week's Fairy Tale Friday I selected photos that look like they might have come from a mermaid's jewelry box--
all watery shades of blues and sea greens, with a hint of purple...
{click image to enlarge or visit the links below}
9. FLONFLON Earrings by ECLETTICA view 02

You can see more Fairy Tale inspired photos by visiting the Fairy Tale Ornament Flickr group...
Happy Friday--hope everyone has a great weekend!

My Creative Space...

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Today I've been taking a break from custom orders and 
working on some new designs for my Etsy shop...
This is the beginnings of a necklace pendant--the white on white was a bit tricky to photograph, but it has a little bouquet of lace flowers, embellished with pearls and rainbow moonstones. I'm also working with some pretty faceted rock crystals for a bit of sparkle... I hope to have some other designs in the shop soon :)
And a few days ago I finished up these custom earrings which you might recognize from last week's Creative Space post...
To see what other bloggers are working on in their Creative Spaces, be sure to visit Kirsty's blog!
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