I Finally Created an Artfire Collection

and it was easy! Artfire has some very cool tools. This one features some members of the Artfire Artisan Jewelers Guild that I belong to as well as members of the Starving Artists team.

The Advantages of the silver engagement rings

The promise ring is purchased by people with designs of gold, and platinum. There are many numbers of factors that are associated with this type of rings that are available in the jewelry shops as designed by the user. Since the specialty of the silver is that it is very soft as compared to other types of metals. The best feature of silver engagement rings is that it can be molded into different shapes, so that the perfect design can be made by giving the exact type of the specification as mentioned by the customer. This really makes people to use the various combinations of the materials, so that the right type of the designs can be made according to customer’s choice.

The best features of this type of rings are the color combinations which are used for different occasions. The unique features of these rings are available with classic designs available in all the jewelry shops. The correct type of the color that matches with the rings should be chosen. One should select the right type of the ring that suits many people in the house. Another type of the rings that we have in the market is of the promise ring. These types of rings make it the best gift for many people so that they remember for life long. This ring specifies the lifelong relation ship with the partners, friends, and the family members in the house. These types of rings specify the symbol of love, romance, and compassion. Wearing these rings make you feel proud and add style to you outfit. These rings can be presented by loves to the loved ones when they go out for a dinner or a party.

These types of rings best when it is presented, to friends, relatives, and other members of the house. The sterling silver rings are in more demand by the people because of its simplicity in design, and many people are having the eye catching attraction towards it. The price of these rings is decided by the type of metals that is being used in the rings, for various purposes.

Features of the Twilight Jewelry

The silver jewelry is available in the market which has been taken from the famous movie named twilight. People can get these collections of this jewelry by visiting the near by jewlery store or view them in the website. Women can find the collections of these jewelries, their images and the latest jewelry released by the designers across the globe. For various designs, people could also refer the websites that will give the exclusive collections, of the styles, prices, so that it would be the best type of the jewelry of many people. This type of jewelry makes one so fashionable, that can be worn on many occasions, by the women. The designer put their efforts, in making the new creativity of the designs, to such an extent so that it would be the best among all. The most appropriate type of the jewelry can be found out by the jewelry shops.

The sterling silver necklaces is another option for most of the ladies so that they would wear it on special occasions. This type of jewelry speaks about the personality of the women, with the marvelous collections from the stores, and designed by the different designers so that people would be able to take this type of jewelry from the shops. These are perfect gifts you can give during any occasion. These necklaces are available in various designs and shapes, that the customers can choose these according to their taste. These necklaces are available in different designs and shapes, that the customers can choose these according to their taste.

The eternity rings are one the most popular type of rings that we have in the jewelry shops. This type of rings is given as a gift to many people because it describes about the love, and compassion, and romance. The specialty of this type of rings is that it maintains the life long relationship, with many of the people to whom one cares a lot. These rings are mainly used for engagement and other special occasions. These rings are artistically designed by skilled craftsmen to give an elegance look to this jewelry. The gallery and price of these rings are displayed online Bella's. Promise ring should be maintained in a proper way to make these rings last for a long time.

Purchasing the pearl stud earrings

The pearl earrings have there own way of huge collections of the earrings that gives another look of the woman’s style. This type of pearl stud earrings, before purchasing one should know about the product every thing. They are suitable for any type of the dress that matches with the color pattern matching with the earrings. The best thing about this type of earrings is such that it can fit on any type of the dress. The best type of pearl earrings can be purchased through the help of internet, and from there it self, one can place an order the type of the earrings that one has selected from the websites. Some discounts are also being offered by the sites and allowing the user to avail the services of the earrings as described by the sites. The pearl earrings mainly come in the three shapes, that are of round, circular, or drop shaped. It also consists of many color combinations like the black pearl, blue pearl, and white pearl. The bigger pearls are comprised of the gem stones, with high expenses. This can be the best way of collecting the pearls from the stores.

There are other types of the sterling silver necklaces being found in the stores. This type of necklaces speaks about the personality of the women and the person who puts it. When the attention of many people goes to the necklaces it describes about the pleasant personality of the women. The different categories of the sterling silver necklaces mainly include heart pendants, cubic zirconia necklaces, and the pearl necklaces etc. There are huge collections of the sterling silver necklaces and one can select according to the choice of the women.

There are other products available with the help of the sterling silver rings. The other thing with the silver necklaces includes the sterling silver necklaces, pendants rings, chains and many more. The bracelets define the extra effects to the women that keeps on shining when put on to them. The best way of selecting the silver bracelets is to purchase with the help of internet.

Buying the Silver eternity rings

The Silver eternity rings is one of the best type of the gift, which is being presented to others. There are classic collections of the designs, with various combinations of gold, and silver combinations, and many pattern matching recognition along with them. This type of rings actually expresses the ever lasting relationship with the people who have received the gift from the friends, relatives and the family friends. The silver eternity type of the rings with different categories of it includes the following like new pendants, chains, rings, and other types of the rings that have recently launched in to the market. The silver eternity rings are of many types, and sizes, and different color matching pattern, as mentioned by the stores is being purchased through the discounts that they offer, to the people while purchasing it. The eternity type of the ring is the type of the ring that describes the relation between the partners. This type of rings is mostly best suited for the wedding rings. These types of rings are of full or half designs and also of the type of the adjustable rings if it is not placing in the right finger.

The Other type of the silver rings that we have in the market is of the silver engagement rings. They are actually the silver engagement rings. This type of the rings is available in the market with new designs, as specially designed for the various occasions that occur in the society. This silver engagement rings best feature is that it is very soft as compared with other types of rings that we have in the shops. The selection of the ring is being done by the bride for the occasion, and also the color pattern matching with the dress.

The sterling silver rings are also found in the shops with more classic designs, or as per the specifications made by the user. This type of rings can be placed an order on the websites that provides the online shopping facility for many people and with many ways of approaching towards it can be easily purchased from the market.

Week 42-New Tutorial-Art Deco Key Pendant

I've had this tutorial idea knocking around in my head for months but I had some technical details to work out. I finally got a prototype done that I liked and took advantage of some down time between shows to get it done. The key measures 2 3/8" tall by about 7/8" wide. I have it listed in my Artfire shop and my Etsy shop.

Week 41-A Couple of Silver Necklaces

I haven't been very motivated to challenge myself lately so I made a couple of fairly simple necklaces. The circles are fine silver wire that has been balled up at the ends with a torch. For one, I wove the circles togther with some smaller wire and oxidized it.

Celebrate with Us !

You can have your very own People's Design Award-winning Braille Alphabet Bracelet. They make great Christmas gifts for family and friends (or for you own stocking!). And it is a gift that gives back to support non-profit organizations that support Braille literacy. What could be better than that?
To order, just click the link below. You'll be asked to specify the finish (shiny or brushed silver) and size (7", 7.5", or 8.25") when ordering.

Watch the National Design Awards Gala

If you would like to watch Leslie's acceptance speech, here is a YouTube link to the People's Design Award sent to us by an anonymous reader. THANK YOU for this, who ever you are!

The Braille Alphabet Bracelet wins the 5th Annual People's Design Award

The Braille Alphabet Bracelet Wins the 2010 People’s Design Award

October 15, 2010
The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum presented its fifth People’s Design Award to the Braille Alphabet Bracelet Thursday, Oct. 14, at its 11th annual National Design Awards gala in New York. White House Deputy Social Secretary Ebs Burnoughand fashion designer Cynthia Rowley announced the winning design and presented the award to Leslie Ligon, designer of At First Sight Braille Jewelry.

After thousands of votes were cast during the course of the People’s Design Award competition, the Braille Alphabet Bracelet―a bracelet featuring the entire alphabet in Braille on the front and print in the back―emerged as the public’s favorite design.

Ligon, the mother of a blind son, created the line of functional Braille jewelry to increase awareness of Braille literacy. According to the American Foundation for the Blind, as few as 10 percent of people who are legally blind learn to read and write Braille. Several studies indicate that at least 90 percent of the blind that hold jobs are Braille literate. Braille literacy enables the vision impaired to read and write for themselves and is often seen as a gateway to independence. A percentage of the company’s net profits are donated to Braille literacy organizations, including National Braille Press and BrailleInk.
“I’m delighted that the public has chosen to honor the Braille Alphabet Bracelet, which looks good, communicates without a glance and feels great too!” said Bill Moggridge, director of the museum.
Marianne Cusato, designer of the Katrina Cottage, was selected as the first People’s Design Award winner in 2006. Toms Shoes, a company that gives away a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold, received the award in 2007, and the Zōn Hearing Aid took home the award in 2008. In 2009, the winner was the Trek Lime Bicycle, a coasting bike designed for the casual rider.

The National Design Awards are made possible in part by Bloomberg and Procter & Gamble.
Media sponsorship provided by Fast Company and New York magazine. National Design Week is made possible in part by the generous sponsorship of Target.

Professional partners for 2010 National Design Awards and National Design Week include the AIGA | the professional association for design, American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects and Industrial Designers Society of America New York City.

About the People’s Design Award
Launched Sept. 20, the People’s Design Award website received more than 100 nominations and thousands of votes. By logging on to www.cooperhewitt.org, users were able to browse and vote from the existing nominees or upload images to nominate a new object. Nominees included a range of projects with a social mission such as the Neonurture: Car Parts Incubator, Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE), Hello Rewind laptop sleeves and Open IDEO.

The People’s Design Award is part of Cooper-Hewitt’s largest public education initiative, National Design Week, Oct. 9 – Oct. 17. During National Design Week, the museum is offering free admission for all visitors and hosting numerous free design programs. In recognition of the importance of design education, organizations and schools nationwide also will sponsor events during National Design Week. For a complete schedule of National Design Week events, visit www.cooperhewitt.org.

This press release is reprinted here from the Smithsonian Newsdesk.

Scenes from the Studio...

Hello everyone! I thought I'd share some photos of what I've been working on since I last posted. I've been creating quite a few special orders lately. 

I just sent off these earrings to a lovely customer in the U.K. They're a bit of a change of pace from my recent designs--very bright and large scale--but I like how they turned out...
{Frida Earrings}
And in an interesting synchronicity, they happen to be in a color scheme nearly identical to this post--all different colors of the rainbow, with touches of black vintage bugle beads and nailhead beads.
{Detail of the Frida Earrings}
 I had already picked out these colors for the special order when I blogged about my last color inspiration, but I didn't make the connection until after the earrings were finished how perfectly they matched the mood board!
I also completed these earrings for the same customer...
{Serenissima Earrings}
They're an update on an older style {the first thing I ever sold on Etsy to be exact!} with lots of citrine and freshwater pearls.
And for another wonderful customer, I created these two brooches:
the first one features a cascade of beads that hang beneath it like a tassel...
This was designed to be worn on the client's wedding dress and is another example of when collaborating with a customer yields new and interesting designs!
{Custom Wedding Brooch}
She also requested a brooch for her mother to wear to the wedding...
{Custom Mother of the Bride Brooch}
And I'll close with a work in progress photo--
yes, I'm finally getting into doing bridal hair accessories!
This is another custom order, but expect to see a comb or two in the shop at some point.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Week 40-Lapis Necklace

You know I really want to be Iza Malczyk when I grow up even though I'm already old enough to be her mother. :D So this is my latest attempt. The big stone is a 25mm lapis. The small rondelles are blue iolite and I added a pyrite because the lapis has pyrite inclusions. I had a really hard time getting both sides the same, and I had wanted two wires to meet at the bottom but I obviously got them too short. I tried a couple of different ways of attaching the chain and I'm still not satisfied with that part of it but that can be changed if anyone has a better idea.

Week 39-Don't Torch When You're Tired

I started this little owl guy last Thurusday at metalsmithing class. He was turning out so cute but he had one solder joint that didn't take. So I went back to the torch to resolder it and....oops. I melted part of his wing off. The moral of the story is don't solder if you're tired, in a hurry, or not too familiar with acetylene torches. LOL So now I need to figure out what I should do with him. I could try to solder another piece of wire in there. Or I could make a smaller branch out of brass wire and cover that part up with a leaf. Or I have some little carved tourmaline leaves that I could use. Opinions?
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