My Creative Space...

Earlier this week, I finished up the custom brooch from last week's Creative Space post, and today I've been working on a dainty little pair of earrings to match...
I've got one nearly finished above :)
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Bohemian Monday...

It's been grey and raining all day, so I thought some bright and cheerful, Spring-inspired finds would be a nice way to start the week!
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Free Tutorial #3-Woven Wire Bangle

Woven Wire Cuff Bracelet Tutorial
This is the third project we completed in a series of classes I did for the Flint Schools. This is the bangle that I posted for Week 9 if you want to see additional pictures. The only thing I did that wasn't in the tutorial was wire a bead on either side of the focal bead to kind of fill that space. You could also put a small bead directly on the core wire if it has a bid enough hole. I used some 26 wire for this and ran the wire behind the bead a couple of times to keep it from spinning. I hope you enjoy trying this out.

Week 13-Rock Quartz and Fine Silver Necklace

I've had this big honking rock crystal quartz briolette for awhile, and when I say big I mean it's 1 1/8" tall by 3/4" wide. I suppose I could have just wrapped it and put it on a chain but noooo, I had to try and get fancy with it. Maybe the folks who are so good at these vining type settings can visualize them in their head but I can't. So I just grab wire and start twirling it. The fact that it was 16 gauge wire didn't make it any easier and I actually had to anneal it a couple of times while I was messing around with it. I ended up with some awkward looking spaces in the middle, hence the pearls. I'm still undecided about this one. Maybe it will grow on me.

Free Tutorial #2-Woven Wire Pendant

Woven Wire Pendant Tutorial
I used a Kazuri bead for this but any large flat bead will work. The one we did in class was made from copper wire.

Week 12-More Earrings

I know, I just can't stop making earrings. These are some fun dangly ones for spring and summer. The top pair are made with seraphinite beads which have a beautiful silvery shimmer like charoite. The bottom pair are sterling silver with aqua amazonite beads.

My Creative Space...

This week I'm working on a custom order for a lovely client in the U.K. She's getting married soon and requested a dramatic, rectangular brooch to decorate the front of her empire-waist wedding gown. The overall width of the brooch will be a breathtaking 4" wide when it's finished! This is just the center of the motif...
The edges will be decorated with white freshwater pearls and I'm planning on working in some blush pink rose quartz stones into the design...
Here's a little peek at the sketch--so far the brooch is turning out very similar to what I was envisioning!
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I also wanted to share with you my newest necklace design...
I was so happy with how the Lucienne Earrings turned out last week, that I decided to make a matching necklace. For its pendant, I took the oval lace design of the earrings, enlarged it and then turned it horizontally, for a graceful, almost Art Nouveau shape. White freshwater pearls, rock crystal and vintage rhinestones adorn the little flowers, and some gorgeous rainbow moonstone briolettes can be seen peeping out from behind the petals...It's now available in my Etsy Shop!
And thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments on my Fairy Tale Friday post last week--so glad you liked it!

Week 11-Earrings and More Earrings

I was on another earring making binge during Week 11. I have more earrings than I can display on three racks but I love making them anyway. These are just a few of the ones I completed that were somewhat inspired by the Art Nouveau period with all it's flowing curvy lines. Others I haven't even gotten photographed. The smoky quartz earrings were inspired by Natural Jewels on Etsy.

Free Tutorial-Woven Wire Earrings

Woven Wire Earrings Tutorial
This is a short tutorial I put together for a class I taught through the Flint Schools. I figured out how to upload it to and make it available to anyone who is interested. I hope you have fun with it. I have two others I will try to get up soon.

Fairy Tale Friday...

 This week's collection of finds from the Fairy Tale Ornament Flickr group is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and afternoon tea...
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And I just finished up a new pair of earrings for my Spring Wedding collection this afternoon...
Lucienne Earrings
They feature my signature handmade lace in silver threads, dotted with dozens of vintage seed beads, and adorned with a bouquet of handmade lace flowers. I've been wanting to create some more asymmetrical designs recently and I got to explore this a bit in these earrings...
The little flowers have freshwater pearl petals and are accented with some lovely rainbow moonstone--the photos don't show off the how bright the flashes of blue and purple are on the briolettes!
And knowing me, not even the backs of the earrings or the ear wires are allowed to go unadorned...
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
We've had warm weather and sunshine the past few days--I think Spring is finally here!

Bohemian Monday...

An interiors edition of finds from the Bohemian Embellishment flickr group ...
1. Selina Lake - Daybed, 2. sewing room, 3. Untitled, 4. Living room, 5. Available Now !, 6. mivwatts-40
I love the eclectic mix of colors and patterns in all of these photos...
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First day of Spring break:  GLEE soundtrack and Steampunk Braille - "What d'ya say about jumpin' off the edge?" YEAH!

Making lots for upcoming AER teacher/parent conferences. Y'all come!

Week 10-Floral Fauna Brooch

This brooch is from a tutorial by Deborah Gray-Wurz that she sent me to try out. As you can see, I had really good results from it. The beads I used are pyrite and pink tourmaline. I oxidized mine because I think it's a very vintage looking design to begin with. Deb's tutorial is available in her Etsy shop.

Week 9-Class Project-Woven Copper Bangle

I was asked by the Flint Schools to teach some wire jewelry classes that specifically used weaving as a technique. We first made earrings, then a pendant, all with different weaves. The third and final project was a woven bangle bracelet and this is the bracelet I made in the class. 16 and 26 gauge copper wire with a lampwork lentil bead.

My Creative Space...

Today I'm working with lots of sparkly crystals and silver threads...
I have a design for a pair of wedding earrings in mind, but sometimes my ideas have a way of metamorphosing into something very different as the work progresses!
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Week 8-Copper Viking Knit Bangle

Okay, time to get caught up again with posting. This piece of copper viking knit was in my spare parts box. The clasp, the flower focal and the core wire are all one piece of 16 gauge copper wire. I embellished the flower clasp with little bead caps, yellow CZs and green peridots.

Great Moms

I just got through talking to yet another power-packed mom; nothing makes me feel as good as I do when I find out someone else is rarin' to grab the reins (or, like this mom, in many cases, already have) and get all they need to make sure their child is getting the best services possible with the resources they have.

(Hmmm, maybe I should skip the jewelry race and get my next degree in counseling...)

Well, I have many fantastic parents out there who just have really made my last few days so much lovelier and fulfilling, and I can't thank you enough for sharing your stories, your children's [and your] adventures, and your hearts!)

Thanks for your business, as well!

Exciting News!

 Edera Jewelry has been featured in its first photo shoot and magazine spread! My jewelry was selected for the premier issue of IZZY, a new online wedding magazine...
It was featured on 3 whole pages--it was such a thrill to see my designs photographed by the talented Melissa Bagley{also editor of the publication} and worn with beautiful wedding gowns:
{My Sirena Earrings and Aurore Necklace}
{The photo shoot was set at the elegant Bently Reserve in San Francisco }
{Sirena Earrings and Aurore Necklace}
You can view the full magazine by clicking here...
And while we're on the topic of wedding jewelry...I've just listed a new design from my Spring Wedding Collection in my Etsy shop:
This was the design I was working on in last week's Creative Space post. I originally thought the lace motif would become the pendant of a longer necklace--only to find as I worked on it that it definitely wanted to be a brooch instead!
 It has AA citrine rondelles, freshwater pearls and vintage rhinestones--as well as a blend of both silver and gold threads. I'm pleased with the sort of Renaissance feel the design has :)
And on a final note, thank you to everyone who voted for my Aurore Necklace in the Etsy "Who's on your Best Dressed List" Voter--thanks to all of your support, I was in the Top 10!!!

Stories from the 'Planet of the Blind!'

As a Special Education teacher, I was contacted by our district's Special Education Director to see if I'd be interested in becoming aVI teacher?  A what? was my reply.  After much praying and researching the idea, I totally agreed to going back to school to become a Certified Teacher for the Visually Impaired. I did not realize what a ride I was in for.
After learning braille during a short 6 weeks time in the middle of summer while trying to teach summer school, I took on many more courses; each more exciting than the last. I was then "emergency certified" so I could begin immediately the awesome task of teaching children braille.  What a sweet time it has been. With many ups and downs, I have learned so much from my students.  Each one has their own, unique story to add to the previous one!
Thank you for making braille so available in such a "fashionable" way. I can't wait to order something for myself.  Hmmmmmmm  what should it be?
Blessings to you and yours,
Kathy Britsch
Certified Teacher for the Visually Impaired
(Life should NOT be a  journey to the grave with the  intention ofarriving  safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but  ratherto skid in sideways, (----) in one hand, lemon meringue pie in
the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming, "WOO-HOO, what a ride!")

In Memory of Mickey

June 14, 2005 to February 21, 2010
You brought me so much joy and I will miss you always.
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