World's Largest Underpants

I did the art and craft show at the Alma Highland Festival this weekend. My dad, age 87, was the oldest veteran marching in the parade. You rock, Dad! It was very hot but there was a great crowd and I did almost double what I did last year which was very encouraging. I hope the rest of the summer follows the same trend for all of us. My next door neighbor was Crystal Wilson, a talented tie-dye artist. I'm old enough to remember doing tie-dye back in the sixties but Crystal has taken tie-dye to a whole new level. The most fun I had all weekend was hearing people's reactions to her size 100 tie-dyed underpants. If you can't live without a pair of these giant undies, you can contact Crystal at (989) 875-6175.

Flirty Frippery...

I've been meaning to put together a new Treasury over on Etsy for awhile, 
and last night I finally had some time to create one... et viola!
The title comes from Bijoux d'Odalisque's beautiful necklace in the in the second row, but the flirty and feminine feel definitely applies to all of the items! You can see the offerings up close by clicking here...
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Week 22-Pink Opal and Tourmaline Earrings

These I'm pretty happy with even if I don't wear pink. I still think it's a beautiful, feminine color. The drops are some large pink opals that I got when Rodene and I road tripped to Munro's last week. I added rose quartz, moonstone, pink tourmaline and some creamy gold keishi pearls (also from Munro's). I like the way the coiled earwires turned out and they're closed at the top so nothing can work it's way off. I'm caught up for now. I'm leaving tomorrow for Alma and the Highland Festival. My whole family will be there for the weekend so I should have lots of help at the art fair even if I don't get to see any of the festival. Wishing everyone a safe and great holiday weekend.

Week 21-Garnet Bracelet

This is another piece that I'm not too sure about. The clasp began life as a failed earring compoment and ended up in my spare parts box. The string of garnet beads definately needed something ornate with it so I pulled out the earring and turned it into a clasp. I like the idea but I'm not sure I like the shape.

My Creative Space...

I'm working on multiple custom orders right now--
but I hope to have some new designs for purchase in my shop in the next week or so!
{Works in progress...}
I'm loving how these earrings are turning out...
They are in the same style as the Naïade Earrings, but one of my lovely customers requested that I make a pair in a lavender color scheme instead of shades of green--such a good idea. The contrast of gold and purple is one of my favorites...
And I can't believe my good luck--I just recently found out that I've won two blog giveaways!
The first was from the wonderful blog, BlueBirdLuxe...
{Such pretty packaging...}

Eileen was very generous to giveaway a copy of Wendy Mullin's new book Built by Wendy: Dresses...
I'm not much of a seamstress, but these designs are so cute and definitely look within my reach! The book comes with patterns and directions on how to adapt them, so you can create something unique. I'm definitely inspired now to dust off my sewing machine and whip up a summer dress :)
And the second giveaway was for ad space on the stylish blog
The Bottom of the Ironing Basket. In celebration of her 1 year blogging anniversary, Simone was kind enough to give away 2 months worth of advertising space on her blog, complete with a professionally designed ad by her site designer. I can't wait to see the result. Simone will also be doing a post featuring my work sometime in the future.
A big thank you to both of these lovely ladies! Be sure to visit their blogs if you haven't already.

And be sure to visit Kootoyoo's blog for more Creative Space posts {or to add a link to your own...}

Bohemian Monday...{Textile Textures}

For this week's Bohemian mosaic, I thought I'd spotlight some textile items from the Flickr group that caught my eye  because of their interesting textures and surface embellishments...Enjoy!
{click image to enlarge or visit links below}

Fairy Tale Friday...{Swan Like}

Some lovely Fairy Tale finds for your Friday,
 inspired by the ballet Swan Lake...
{click the image to enlarge}
I had such a fun time selecting these images that I had to enlarge my usual four square mosaic to accommodate all of the photos for this week's feature.
To see more fairy tale-inspired photography, be sure to visit the Flickr group!
I've been working on several special orders over the past few days,
one of which I just finished up and thought I'd share with everyone...
This was a custom wedding set for a lovely bride in Australia...
She is going to be wearing a simple, antique ivory colored dress with an empire waistline so I created a set that was very intricate and in a soft palette of cream, champagne and touches of rainbow moonstone throughout for an ethereal flash of blue...
Her gown has a plunging neckline, so we both agreed that a large, dramatic necklace was in order...
I'm happy with how this color palette turned out--might have to make some more designs for the shop in similar colors...
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Random Prettiness...

I came across this opulent photo shoot from Vanity Fair featuring actress Emily Blunt {The Young Victoria} and just had to share it--such gorgeous styling in the photos...

{Love the fan and the little pink birds on the shoes...}
{Wish there was close-up of the embroidery on these pieces!}
{Photography by Michael Roberts, photographed in La Raincy, styled by Jessica Diehl}
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Week 20-Lots of Viking Knit

I Viking knitted this week until I ran out of wire. The first one has a beaded bead focal-the only beading I know how to do. The second one uses Greek Mykonos ceramic beads, and the third one has a giant heavy Bali bead that I picked up somewhere in my travels and could never figure out what to do with.

Week 19-So I Made Another One

I felt the need to make another citrine bracelet after last week's didn't turn out as expected. I bought these citrines from Beadifferent in Oxford, MI, and I ran them through the tumbler for a long time and they came out perfectly. These were too dark to use with the pale aquamarine beads so I paired them with sunny yellow 14mm shell pearls.

Nice Notes

Hello, Leslie, I want you to know how absolutely thrilled I am with my bracelet! Actually, I've worn it every day (and even slept in it the first night) since receiving it at my retirement party on April 29th. It is a pleasure showing it to my students, and explaining its meaning when others take notice. I want to thank you for putting so much love into this memorable piece.  I will truly cherish it.

Most Sincerely,

Joani M., Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Prince George's County Public Schools, Maryland

My Creative Space...

In last week's Creative Space post, I mentioned I was working on a filet crochet project
and I thought I'd share the result so far!

I just finished up the front of the pillow and now am debating whether I should also crochet the back of it as well {hopefully I have enough thread!}
I'm also contemplating adding a mother-of-pearl button in the center for a little visual interest before I line it and stuff the pillow...any thoughts? 
Be sure to visit Kirsty's blog for more Creative Space posts :)
And I just listed these earrings in my Etsy shop...
Part of my new collection of jewelry incorporating rare threads used in traditional Japanese kimono embroidery, these combine pale pink silk with pearls and AAA rose quartz, for a delicate effect reminiscent of the cherry blossoms {known as 'sakura' in Japanese}... 
Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on this week's Bohemian Monday post--so glad you liked the Geisha-inspired mosaic :)

Bohemian Monday...{Geisha}

Some gorgeous, delicately detailed photos from the Bohemian Embellishment Flickr Group 
to inspire your Monday...
I love this combination of pale blues and intense fuschias with a touch of green. 
Hope it inspires you, too!
To see more photos, be sure to visit the group...
And I'll leave you with a photo of my own take on the 'Japonisme' style--a pair of cherry blossom earrings coming to my Etsy shop soon...

Week 18-Aquamarine and Citrine??? Bracelet

This bracelet turned into a disappointment. I thought it was really pretty when I made it. I used big round aquamarine beads and soft yellow faceted citrines along with the spiral links that I hand forged and soldered. The colors were summery and reminded me of sun and sky. Then I put it in the tumbler. When it came out I dismayed to find that the citrines had lost all their color. They were dyed! I wrote to the supplier and he confirmed that the citrines were very pale so they lightly dyed them. I told him that citrines listed as AA+ quality would be heat treated, but they shouldn't be dyed. So now I don't know if I should remake this with natural clear quartz, or just tell people that the beads are very, very pale quartz since citrine is a form of quartz. Or tell them it's citrine with no color. GRRR.

From the Queen's Wardrobe...

A rainy Saturday morning here...
and a perfect time to make a new Treasury over on Etsy's Treasury East --
I realized I had an assortment of Elizabethan items in my favorites, so I decided to create a collection inspired by Elizabeth I {also called Gloriana, meaning 'glorious'--I think all the items in the Treasury definitely fit that description!} Be sure to click here to see the items up close...
And while you're on Etsy, you might want to check out these new earrings I just listed--
I'm very excited about these, as they feature some wonderful new threads. The threads have been traditionally used in the fine embroidery of Japanese obis and kimonos, but are now extremely rare. They are made by hand with 99.99% silver leaf applied over paper, which is then cut very finely and wrapped around a fiber core. Because of their high silver content, the threads have the benefit of never tarnishing. I'll soon be unveiling other designs using these threads--which also come in 22K gold--but I wanted to give a sneak preview of this collection!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

Fairy Tale Friday...{Whisper}

Today's ethereal finds from the Fairy Tale Ornament Flickr Group look like they've been sprinkled with fairy dust--subtly sparkling, with soft colors and delicate details...
Aren't they lovely? 
Be sure to visit the group to see more fairy tale photos, or to add your own!

Week 17-Kazuri Bead and Pyrite Bracelet

I really like using Kazuri beads in my work. They're not only beautiful but the factory in Kenya provides good wages, child care, and health care to disadvantaged women and individuals with special needs. I've combined these with double rows of faceted pyrite beads and oxidized the sterling silver.
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