Put your feet into shoe of fame

It is very human to dream to become like a superstar, we all dream to become like them. It feels like they are made of special substance, they are special because they are successful in life. Who is a celebrity? In simple words if someone has done an outstanding job in a big way to be know all over the world, he/she is a celebrity. And what about their dressing? Whatever they wear it becomes a style for the rest of the people. This is called the state of being a celebrity. And there is celebrity inspired jewelry.

Whatever these celebrities wear it become a style for ever. There are endless number of articles that are designed after being influenced by the clothes and the jewelry worn by the celebrities. There are earrings, pearl earrings, bracelets and necklace as well. There is all for you and it is sufficient enough to shoot you at new heights. The moment there is a new release in box office, there is whole new range of people following that particular celebrity. It is the magic of being a celebrity. Wear your favorite celebrity this night. This is your day live it up. There are endless companies offering these inspired articles. They are designed very carefully to offer you a masterpiece. They are just perfect.

The list is endless when these celebrities wear this jewelry.
It becomes a trend. The use cufflink has become popular from the day they become on air. Every body wants to become like a super star, this is the driving force behind the buying pattern of all the people who buy the jewelry and other articles like them. There are various dedicated online stores to offer these celebrity inspired jewelry. This is called the inspired living. All you have to do is to just click at the right link and have your own skin to wear and become a celebrity like fame. Scan the market and get your favorite one for you. Be the center of attraction in the party. Just share the moment.


When the weather gets colder I always have the impulse to start little projects for the house-- I suppose it's the anticipation of the long winter ahead and spending more time indoors. 

I thought I'd share two projects I finished up recently. 
First, I finally framed this lovely print by Vermont artist Carol E.S. Macdonald 
{fittingly featuring a nest and two samara pods} and hung it up in our living room...
{Hope Nest, Monoprint and Etching}

I love Carol's work, especially this interesting new series based on knit patterns here.
I also finished a filet crochet pillow that I started ages ago, you might remember it from this post...
It now is all stitched up and decorated with a little snippet of vintage embroidery, mother-of-pearl buttons and two tatted lace motifs...
It goes nicely with the other crocheted pillow that I made last year and ties in with the blues and greens in our living room.
What sort of projects do you like to work on when the weather gets colder?

FastCompany Magazine

Robert Safian, the editor of FastCompany Magazine, sat next to me during the National Design Award Gala in October. He was warm and humorous, with a good ear for overly-excited moms who don't get out much. Listening more attentively than I imagined that night, I told him about the sadly dwindling numbers of braille readers over the last 50 years; I even taught him "60-second elevator braille," which, even amidst the melee of that crowded, beautiful hall, he got - just under the wire!

He's generously focused this month's Letter from the Editor on the reason for my having designed and made braille jewelry, trying to please as many tastes as possible, over the last 10 years. It's not about jewelry; it's not even about Ethan. It's about literacy...
which leads to independence and freedom we all want for ourselves and our family.

Thank you very much, Bob, for your attention and interest!

Pink Tourmaline, Green Amethyst and Hydro Quartz Earrings

I've always liked the way that Sheridan Joslin uses unusual color combinations of gems in her jewelry. So even though my first instinct was to use shades of pink with these rose hydro quartz carved circles, I decided to use green amethyst instead. I also added some beautiful little carved pink tourmaline leaves as well as some champagne keishi pearls. I should get out my color wheel more often.

Another sibling of diamond

Cubic zirconia is a crystal formation of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). This is a substitute for diamond, and it is very hard substance. It is very clear and it has no color. This can be made in different colors and shapes. The stone looks like diamond, but it is not costly like diamond. It has a striking similarity with diamond that is why it is largely used in jewelry industry. It was commercially introduced in the market in 1976. Because it is low cost and very durable, it is mostly used in gem industry. Zirconia was discovered in 1892. It has a very high melting point and can be fashioned in any shape.

Now cubic zirconia is used in all the major gem and jewelry industry. It is a look alike of diamond that is why it is used by all the jewelers around the world. Diamonds are very costly and there is a chance of getting cheated some times that is why these artificial diamonds are the closest substitute to the diamond. There are different types of cubic zirconia, which are researched in the laboratory to make unique designs. This cubic zirconia is a perfect substitute for the diamonds. These substitutes are used in different articles like earrings, eternity bands and cubic zirconia necklaces. They are very attractive and the customers have a great appeal for them. This jewelry is less costly and very popular among students.

That is why they are used in large scale artificial diamond industry. They are being used to make articles like earrings, bracelets and necklace like cubic zirconia necklaces. There are many dedicated web sites to offer you cubic zirconia designed articles. They are flawless and perfect substitutes to the diamond. This is a safe way to have the luxury of diamond at a lower cost. The only thing you have to do is to just to click on the right website and order yourself one. However, you will have to ensure yourself that you are not asked to mention your credit card details anywhere. So click and have a great piece of innovation to your near and dear ones.

Affordable and stylish sterling silver rings

Everyone wants to have beautifully crafted engagement ring for his beloved. There are many precious engagement rings available in the market embedded with gold and other precious gemstones like Kate Middleton engagement ring. Sterling silver rings are the cheapest engagement ring crafted beautifully. You can choose these rings for the engagement because of many reasons. These rings are affordable and aestehetically designed to attract the people. Generally, it is totally depend upon the bride that which ring she chooses. However, if the color of engagement dress is white then sterling silver rings are the best rings. Generally these rings are affordable but you can not say that all cheap price things are not best. These rings are the best example of best quality design and affordable price range. Now you can easily make your beloved happy with this one. There is much jewelry available in the market.

Promise ring is the best way to show your commitment to your loved ones. A Poromise ring has different meanings for different people. Generally promise ring describes that the giver will be faithful. In other words it is the predecessor activity of engagement where boy or girl gives engagement ring to prove that they will marry with each other. However there is so many meaning of promise rings. One can purchase promise ring to give it to their loved ones.

These are the elegant jewelries which make your life full of happiness. There is no such kind of friend of girls like jewelry. So whenever you need to make your beloved happy, you can gift her elegant sterling silver ring. However, having these beautifully crafted jewelries is not end, you need to keep it clean and protect from dirt and fumes. Therefore, you need to understand how to use your jewelry properly. Because maximum people use roughly their jewelries therefore, the life of their jewelries reduced.

You just have to use some precaution to keep it clean because precaution is better than cleaning your jewelry. Either it is silver jewelry or another metal you need to follow same process to keep it clean. So this is all about the jewelries so go and grab it for your loved ones right now.

Hollow Forms Class

I took a class from Joyce Thor through the Flint Schools recently on making hollow beads. I successfully completed a couple after discovering that paste solder is the way to go after I tired of chasing little solder chips around. The ones that I made are the copper and brass tube bead in the middle of the bracelet and the little brass lentil on the end. I wanted to make bigger ones, and I might someday, but that will involve sawing-not my favorite thing-because I couldn't get my Harbor Freight disc cutter to cut larger circles from 22 gauge brass sheet, even after annealing. So after lots of pounding, I settled for making three of the little brass lentils. It was fun but I think this will remain one of those things that it's more cost efficient to buy unless you're got a super high end clientele.

A Little Holiday Sale...

I'm having a Pre-Holiday Sale in my Etsy shop.
From now until Cyber Monday {11/29} you can take off 15% on any item--just type in the coupon code: HOLIDAYSPARKLE15 at checkout! 

And speaking of sparkles, I just created this sparkly Treasury full of opulent jewelry designs from

* * *Snowflake Sparkles* * *

Yvaine - stardust p...

Snowflake I Blank b...

RESERVED for P --ON...

Victorian Overbust ...

Grace- delicate el...

The AIR GLACE Earri...



Blue Topaz yellow S...

AAA Prasiolite (Gre...

Liquid Copper Neckl...

Ludivine - Pink Opa...

ON SALE Kaleisdosco...

Fancy Schmancy. Vin...

Pearl Modern Tulle ...

LUCIENNE Wedding Ne...

Eternity bands – The Symbol of eternal love

Eternity bands are the latest fashion statements that act as the best gift for marriage anniversaries or at the time of birth of a child. Since eternity bands are not related to any specific occasion, you can gift these memorable pieces of jewelry on any occasion. Wedding bands are studded with diamonds in order to create a circular loop which signifies a never ending eternal love. This particular romantic sentiment associated with eternity bands makes them the perfect gift for presenting to couples on occasions of anniversaries, birth of a child or any other significant achievement.

Unlike with wedding rings, the strength of eternity band’s beauty is in its simplicity, but you can also find them in a large number of styles suiting to your personal requirements. You can find two main types of eternity bands – the full bands and the half bands. The full band is studded with gems completely over the band, while in the half band the gems are lined only on the center of the band. You can resize the half bands because they are not fully lined with stones. The full eternity bands have an advantage that the stones will always remain displayed, even when the band keeps rotating, thus always giving the same uniform good looks.

Even though diamonds are the most commonly used jewels with eternity bands, but other gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds are also in popular use. You may even adorn your eternity bands with your lucky stone or birthstone. Sometimes, women replace their promise ring or wedding ring with the eternity band, which is a better option than wearing three rings at a time. Since eternity bands are delicate, you need to handle them carefully. Eternity bands are one of the most popular varieties in the range of silver jewelry.

Like eternity bands, bracelets are also extremely popular adornments for your hands. The unique thing about a bracelet is that it can tell the style and personality of the person wearing it. This is the reason most individuals develop customized bracelets according to their specific tastes. Even though old fashioned bracelets have a special appeal associated with them, but new and modern designs in silver bracelets are quickly growing in popularity.

Give a touch of elegance with sterling silver ring

It has been said silver is a very simple and elegant metal. This metal is very simple because it is white in luster. Silver is known for its positive energy and elegance. The ornaments made of silver is very beautiful and simple. Sterling silver ring is one of them. When the light falls on the surface of the silver ornament there is a flash like light.

Silver is also attached with the moon like glitter. Silver is used in the pearl rings these days. Pearl and silver are made for each other. That’s why they are used by majority of people in the world.

A silver ornament has a wide range of products like bangles, earrings, bracelet, and not only that even culinary is made with silver. Silver has unique glitter which takes it out from all other metals. Silver is a very simple metal. Today there is a new trend of wearing ornaments of white gold. This is slightly costly and that’s why it is not everyone’s reach. Silver is a good option for those people who can not afford high priced jewelry. White diamonds are used here in silver. After meeting with each other they give a very special kind of glitter.

Sterling silver rings are studded with many precious stones. White pearl earrings are used with the silver rings. They are like made for each other. There are so many dedicated websites out there to help you out in finding the right kind of rings like promise ring. There many things which you should keep in mind before buying these articles. They are very elegant and at the same time they are very cheap. It means they are value for money. The only thing you have to do is to just to click to the right link and have your own sterling silver ring. Before ordering this you to need to have a quick look to all the web sites offering these rings. It is advisable for you to not give your credit card record. Keep buying and keep smiling. Just go for it and keep smiling.

Fold Formed Copper Leaf Earrings

Thursday was our last week of metalsmithing class for the year. I try to do things there that I can't do at home due to lack of equipment. One thing I lack is a good vice. Well, it's not like I don't have vices, just not one that will hold metal. :D So I did the folding and hammering on these earrings at class. At home I was able to cut them out and stamp the edges to give them a ripple effect. I really like the way these turned out and I might have to ask Santa Claus for a vice.

Importance of Jewelry in woman’s life

Eternity rings are something which is considered as the token of love. These rings add value when diamonds are studded along the ring. Promise ring is attached to our emotions and are a symbol of love and affection. It is important to decide the shape of the face of the ring and the stones that are used on the ring. These can be the perfect choice for an engagement ring. People often gift them to their near and dear ones to express their feelings. Eternity rings symbolise many things like togetherness, everlasting love, etc. These are the perfect gift for a special person in ones life.

Stud earrings are very beautiful and give a very elegant look when worn. Professional women prefer to wear them as they are quite comfortable and are sober in look. Stud earrings are of different sizes and models. These earrings are mostly preferred as they look good on most of the dresses. They give a very stylish look for the people of all the ages. Many men in the name of fashion are wearing these stud earrings. In this way we can see that the demand of these stud earrings is growing day-by-day. Various stones like diamond, gems, etc increase the beauty of the earrings. The price of these earrings is quite affordable by many people. We can also see that many imitation types of jewellery have been designed to meet the common needs of various people. Earring adds beauty to you ears, a naked ear is not attractive the women now days are very trendy behind earrings. We can see earrings in many forms and shapes like flowers, cross and other shapes.

Silver promise ring is something which is made up of silver and resembles more of platinum, white gold. This would be the best option for the people who wants to save a lot of money. Silver along with the diamonds studded gives a very beautiful ring. Silver is normally very soft so copper is mixed to make it enough strong. This silver engagement ring is very valuable when it becomes an engagement ring. These rings are also available in different models and designs in the market. The best thing is that we can place the order online and buy this silver engagement ring for the best price with great discounts.

Ornate Key Pendant

Continuing my fascination with old keys, I'm trying to get them smaller and smaller. This new one is about 2". For this one I used an 8mm CZ in a snapset and 22 gauge square wire. I think I'm going to try it again in round wire. M
It still needs some work but maybe I can get it to the point where it would make a good tutorial. And next time I'll remember to remove the Sharpie marks before I take the pictures. :D

Another Attempt at the Swirly Stuff

Here's my latest so-so attempt to get the hang of this swirly whorly stuff. On a good day the wire should look like it's flowing naturally but I miss the mark on that most days. Now that silver is predicted to hit $100.00 an ounce in the next year, I think I'll start practicing this in copper. The stone is a big hydro quartz in a madeira citrine color.

Silver jewelry has fascinated many people

Silver jewelry is some thing which people would prefer to have unique and very special. We need to keep many things in mind when we are planning to buy silver engagement rings. We should check the quality of the metal used for the preparation of the ring like platinum, white gold, etc. We should also check if the design of the ring is latest and fashionable or not. Many people tend to use silver engagement ring because of its color and model. These rings will give more beautiful and attractive look when diamonds are studded in them. In such case, definitely the price of the silver engagement ring will be high.

Stud earrings are in fashion now-a-days as many people including men and women are using them a lot. They are more comfortable and are in demand across the globe. They are available in different designs and models. Designers have come up with their own creative ideas like using diamonds and also other stones. Stud earrings are available in different colours and are many people’s favourite jewellery. These stud earrings are made up of different metals like gold, sterling silver, white silver, etc. Prices also vary accordingly as it is based on the types of metal used. Children’s use them a lot as it goes with most of the dresses unlike the others.

Bella's ring has become famous after the release of the movie Twilight. Bella is the actress in the movie and in a romantic situation, Edward happens to give Bella the ring as a token of the proposal. We can see that the fans of Bella and Edward have become very eager to buy the same kind of ring. Bella’s ring is very beautiful and attractive. It has an oval head with stones well placed. Bella’s engagement ring has also become very famous among people and the designers have come up with more great designs which resemble these rings. There are many online websites which gives the complete price range of the Bella’s ring so that people can place the order online and can have the best product of their choice. There are many celebrity inspired jewelry in the market, these Actress are the brand ambassadors for these types of jewelry .Some of the jewelry are worn by the actress in their movies, which motivates the customers.

The Broken Wing Owl Repair

Remember the owl that I was working on a few weeks ago when I carelessly melted part of his wing off with the torch? I got him out to mess around with the other day along with some thin brass wire and a tourmaline carved leaf and this is what resulted. I guess it's growing on me but I'm still not sure if I'm satisfied with it. What do you think? This can at least be easiliy removed and I could still attempt to solder a patch in there.

How to Care for your Sterling Silver Ornaments

The Sterling silver ornaments are Ornaments made of the sterling silver like Sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver necklaces and eternity bands add beauty and glamour to your life. Sterling silver items are equally beautiful when compared to other items made of any precious metals. The positive thing about them is that they are available in affordable prizes Because of their dainty designs, delicate filigree works more and more people are turning towards ornaments made of sterling silver. Initially ornaments made of sparkling silver may appear faultlessly sparkly along with the progress of the time these may turn a bit darker and dirtier.

Silver jewelry should be maintained in a better way to increase the longevity of these ornaments. Some times these ornaments stats to loose color this happens due to the oxidation process that results from the moisture present in the air. If you live in a country where the weather is moist or it is in close nearness to a beach the oxidation process can be much faster.

The best idea to protect the Ornaments made of sterling silver are to put them in an airtight box where very less air comes in touch with these ornaments. Another noticeable point is that many people do not use to wipe their sterling silver ornaments with clean cloth after wearing them. One should regularly wipe their ornaments with clean cloth after wearing them. Sterling silver should clean with a low abrasive cleaner, phosphate free detergent.

Earrings and necklaces should be cleaned in a systematic manner. Most of the silver experts cautions against cleaning sterling silver with toothpaste, though many people uses toothpaste to clean sterling silver because according to them toothpaste is leaves dulling scratches being too abrasive. Following is the instructutions about cleaning the sterning silver ornaments- Take a moist soft cloth. Add a small drop of delicate dish soap. To remove grime rub it over the sterling silver ornament. Dry it with another delicate cloth after rinsing it well. Wear a pair of Nitrile gloves. Dip a cotton ball into a jar of commercial silver polish and rub it over ornament. With a soft cloth wipe the excess polish. With a soft cloth buff it to a high polish. For jewelry microfibrilar cloth works best.

Jewellery in beautiful designs

Sterling silver bracelets are the best choice for the people who are fashionable and stylish. These designs of these bracelet changes every year. There are bracelets with simple and heavy designs, which are chosen according to the taste of the people. We can see that even men wearing these bracelets. Sterling silver bracelets are designed using sterling sliver in combination with other metals like yellow gold. They are also designed with the gem stones according to the horoscope. This kind of bracelet is designed in different weights and in various models. Sterling silver bracelets can also be worn for different parties. These bracelets are designed with hangings of different shapes and sizes. The hangings increase the beauty of the bracelet and make them look more attractive and fashionable.

Twilight jewellery is the latest designs in jewelleries that are widely in demand across the globe after the release of the movie twilight. We can say that, it is a collection of different types of jewelleries used by different characters in the movie. Twilight jewellery includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, wrist bands, etc. One type of jewellery is the Bella’s engagement ring which is used in the eclipse series of the twilight. This is the ring given to Bella by Edward as a proposal ring. Other famous jewellery is the Rosalie necklace with Cullen family crest on the locket. Twilight jewellery is very expensive but still people are crazy to buy. There are many websites available online that provides information about twilight jewellery. These websites offer discounts on these jewelleries so that any common man can purchase them.

Stud earrings are worn by many people irrespective of their age group and gender. These earrings are simple in look but are very attractive. They are available in various sizes and designs. Generally, among the types of earrings, studs are very comfortable to wear. Stud earrings are available in simple designs and are mounted with different types of stones. Some of stud earrings are designed using pearls of different colours. These pearl earrings are in great demand and are widely used. Diamonds are also used in designing the Stud earring.
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