Conference Season Starting!

I'm going just down to Dallas for my next conference  - about an hour from here - to the Texas AER teachers and parents conference. It's one long Thursday and a decent Friday of hotel land and gettig to see people I only see once a year. The people attending ad presenting sessions are those wo povide services throughout the state. Some of them are the best of the whole US crop, and I'm anxious to see whatthey've got at te sessions and get caught up on the newest technology from Dan the Man, our Human Ware rep! For those of you with kids who aren't yet using electronic note takers, just wait; your kiddos will be flying with them! Connecting t the Internet, writing papers, downloading and reading books...
there's so much you can do with them. I was hoping Ethan could go Friday, but no luck, he's got state mandated pre testing!

I'm getting a lot more jewelry ready for the second of my Spring/Summer conferences. New, lower priced items with the silver plated cell beads, soldered copper and brass bracelets on leather or chain, a handful of Steampunk Braille and chain maille braille, as well as LOTS of new pewter pins, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and bookmarks. Whew!! There will be a lot of things I can make at the conference soyou can take it when you leave, instead of waiting to haveit mailed. (I swear I wn't forget my tools this conference!)

Heather, from the UNT metals class, has been here a few times and has halped me put together a lovely sterling silver and copper multi-layer locket, and she's chomping at the bit to throw some pieces into the caster for bronze reproduction! (She's just got to get through her final weeks of classs, first!) I'm hoping she and I will be able to get to a lot more fun, creative and inventive ideas during the summer when we're not busy with work.

I've been designing pieces for the five-year-old's graduate classes at the Anchor Center in Denver, a wonderful school providng servces and a social arena for children birth through age five, and two pieces for the Little Rock Foundation, a camp with its headquarters based in Voorhees, New Jersy. There are also pieces in the works for several people retiring or graduating from high shool and college. Casting has allowed me such an amazing outlet, and the people at Reaper Miniatures couldn't be more friendly and easy going, which makes the times I go in to work there much more fun!

I'll see you Texas folks at TAER, and of course, look forward seeing the other exhibitors from out of state - let the braille jewelry throw-down begin! ;-D