Reasons for Wearing a Promise Ring

Just like the ordinary ring, a promise ring is worn in the left hand finger but specifically people prefer to wear it in the middle most finger. It is a pre-engagement ring worn to signify that there is commitment to a monogamous relationship. Anyone wearing this ring implies that he or she is engaged and will come to marry very soon. Since the world now has turned crazy due to the rise of immorality, many people especially the ladies wear this ring in order to scare away those men who are fond of approaching any lady whom they meet on the way. This means that people may wear it for their different reasons. When a man meets with a lady wearing this particular ring, he somehow respects her because he does not know how far her partner is. However, we can argue that through wearing this particular ring, respect is maintained and the rate of sexual harassment is also minimized.

This ring is similar to engagement ring although it symbolises a promise that will happen in a very near future. People feel very proud when they wear this particular ring because their friends will not notice any desperation in them that may be caused by lack of a partner. Many people especially ladies can stay for a long time without getting the men of their dreams and once they get them, the ring will make a mark on their fingers until the final day of marriage. This is good because marriage is very important in many societies since if one stays unmarried in a society can be regarded as an outcast and it is not really a good show.

It should also be noted that people wear this ring and match it with similar necklaces around their necks all having been made of the same material and the same colour. This justifies fully that there exists a particular promise with that particular person in a very near future. This sign is also a sign of purity in the sense that it is worn to signify a pledge to sexual abstinence until marriage.

Christie's to Auction Elizabeth Taylor's $150 Million Jewelry Collection

Jewelry hounds? This is one of those times when I wish I had a few $mil burning a hole in my pocket. OK. That's not an 'uncommon' thought, but the news that Christie's is auctioning Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection is sending my blingy consumption habit into orbit!

Yes, it's true. reports the famed auction house will be putting Dame Liz's baubles on the block - and yes, the stash includes all of her 'big hits' - including Taylor's rumored favorite, The Krupp Diamond(!!!)

Christie's declined to comment on the story, and there is no word yet if the proceeds will benefit Elizabeth Taylor's charity, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation - but you can be sure jewelry lovers the world over will be pushing the paddle hard to get their paws on a little piece of jewelry perfection.

In the meantime, I'm loving all of the jewelry-related tidbits that keep trickling out as the world mourns the loss of an icon. Lorraine Schwartz (famed red carpet jeweler and friend of Taylor's) told People that magnificent gems were a natural part of Taylor’s day-to-day life.

“People always gave her gifts … it was something that she learned to love.” And she took great care of them, too. “She [had] collections and collections, and rooms. She [knew] where every single piece was. [It was] amazing.”

In fact, Schwartz remembers receiving a phone call one morning in 2003 after Taylor had taken a fall. “She was like, ‘I don’t feel good, my hair is dirty but I’m wearing my bracelet,’” she recalls. “I mean, fabulous."

Week 11-Spring is Sprung Bracelet

The theme for this week is Spring Has Sprung. You couldn't tell that where I live in Michigan but hope springs eternal. This bracelet was inspired by one in Sharilyn Miller's book "Arty Jewelry". However, I wrapped the apatite and mystic quartz beads and the keishi pearls around a length of 1/4" copper tubing from Homeowner's Hell. Of course, they slid around like crazy. So to hold them in place I ran some wire through a tube wringer and wrapped it around the copper tubing to secure the beads. I added a larger copper core wire, some silver spacers domed into caps, coiled silver wire and a clasp to finish it.

Bling at Perez Hilton's Blue Ball Birthday Bash

Jewelry sparkled at gossip queen Perez Hilton's 33rd birthday party in LA this weekend, where the blue-themed bash brought out everyone from Dancing With The Stars divas and Real Housewives to Disney starlets and 80s popstars.

In other words? A D-listers dream come true.

What jewelry hound worth their salt doesn't love a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills appearance, right?

Adrienne Maloof Alert! This gazillionairesse has enough in the coffers to create this crazy cart-heavy cuff out her her son's names!

Taylor Armstrong wore this serious blue gemstone statement necklace to go with her perma-smile.

And my favorite BHHW, Kyle Richards, rocked it with this cool winged pendant thing happening. Like!

Other bejeweled divas were 80s chaunteuse, Deborah Gibson, who wore what appeared to be a sapphire and diamond choker and a crazy cuff with her blue sequined mini.

And Disney diva, Selena Gomez, was Perez's personal arm candy in blue jewels that appeared to be painted on.

The "hot mess" highlight was the why-is-she-still-famous? Aubrey O'Day, in a blue Little Red Riding Hood get-up with some strange strands. Huh?

It's never dull, right? Thoughts?

Wear Sterling silver rings and Look Beautiful

Sterling silver rings are the best to wear and give someone as a gift. The ramp walkers also use this ring. If you want to get the crowd attraction towards you, then this type of ring is the perfect choice for you. It is a silver kind of ring that is very shinning and look very beautiful. This ring is the perfect choice to gift your girlfriend and if you want to attract a girl.

In the present era due to the economic recession, it is very difficult to buy the expensive rings made up of gold and diamond. This is quite cheap than the gold and diamond and perfect choice to buy. It is the perfect valentine gift and you can give it the first night as well. These rings are very beautiful and elegant and everyone desires to buy these rings. The quality of the ring is very superior and that is why it is placed in the superior place in the jewel world.

Some people are very conscious and inspire by the celebrities. They follow and wear what celebrities are wearing and following. Among the celebrity inspired jewelry, this ring is very famous and top models us to wear this ring on the ramp. You can wear this ring at all the casual formal, trendy, seasonal, rock and other occasions. A girl looks like a princess wearing this type of ring. It gives you more stylish and trendy look with the elegancy.

You can buy this type of ring from any online store and place the order. It is quite cheap to buy if to go for the deals in the famous sites. Online stores would be cheap option for you as compared to the offline store. If you want to customize the ring, then you can also do it. Above 90 %is added silver in the sterling ring and other is included the nickel. What is the best thing for anyone if a elegant ring like a diamond is available at the ch3eap price. Order this ring and make your hands and personality the centre of attraction. It is included in the category of silver jewelry. The silver jewelry includes all the silver bracelets, silver rings, necklace etc.

Jewelry Sample Sale Scoop! 20% Off For Insider Readers

Sample Sale Coupon Codes!! Who doesn't troll the Internet searching for them when you want to engage in some shopping therapy, right?

Well look no further, jewelry hounds! Sample Sale sensation, JewelClub - known for their 'secret' sales and crazy prices - is giving Jewelry Insider readers an additional 20% off their stash of fine jewelry that's already priced way below retail (70% - 80% off).

Just use INSIDER20 at checkout through Monday, March 28th!

The discount is valid for any style at any price. So if you want spend the tax refund on a carat-heavy diamond right hand ring  - now is the time!

3/4 ct Diamond Ring: Retail: $1749; JewelClub Price: $565.47 Insider Price: $452.38!
Or that cocktail ring you've been wanting for the little black dress? Done!

Black & White Diamond Pearl Ring: Retail: $579 JewelClub Price: $190.13 Insider Price: $152.10!

Or for those fashionistas that are uber-organized? Stock up on gifts for your girlfriends.

Ruby & Emerald Cherry Pendant: Retail: $329 JewelClub Price: $125.41 Insider Price: $100.33!
Trust me. When they open a little white box instead of a grocery-store-bought bottle of cabernet, you'll be the hit of the dinner party.

Throw in JewelClub's FREE shipping policy, and you've got yourself one heck of a Sample Sale Scoop!

My thanks to the folks at JewelClub for deeming us all worthy of their super secret sale coupon code for the next few days (the offer is valid until midnight EST on Monday, March 28th).

Shop, sparkle and save, my shiny sisters!!

Lindsay Lohan's Jewelry Trials Lead to...Trial

In a move as dramatic as a Mean Girl slap, tabloid queen Lindsay Lohan rejected a plea deal for stealing a $2500 necklace from a Los Angeles jeweler - forcing our favorite jewelry headline to (gasp!) stand trial for grand theft and risk a three-year jail sentence.

Paris Hilton? Eat your heart out!!

According to the always-legitimate news source, TMZ, Lindsay's felony grand theft case will now be assigned to Judge Stephanie Sautner - who's considered a tough but fair judge - and the preliminary hearing is set for April 22.

The bad news? Lohan faces both jail and prison as the case moves on - jail,  if Judge Sautner decides Lindsay violated her probation, and prison, if Lindsay is convicted of grand theft.

The good news? If Lindsay is found innocent at trial and if Judge Sautner agrees NOT to rule on the probation violation until a verdict is reached in the grand theft case, Lindsay could get off scot-free.

Let's face it. What would life be without Lindsay roaming the streets with her mean case of sticky-finger syndrome? And I'm dying to see the courtroom couture! Fasten your seatbelts, looky-loos. April isn't looking so bad after all...

Pearl earrings are worth wearing

Being a couple the engagement rings or eternity rings are the first and most important purchase. This kind of ring is so important because it represent your decision of becoming husband and wife. A woman has to wear the engagement for the rest of life. It brings the memory of the happiest and most exciting moment of her life. So while buying an engagement ring, great care should be taken.

Before buying an engagement ring, you must decide whether you want to buy gold, white gold, diamond or platinum ring. This selection is based on your budget. If you can’t go for diamonds, you can take a ring with gemstones or can make it with precious metal. You can add more beauty by engraving words like “love you” or “forever yours” on the ring.

Pearl earrings are the most beautiful and exhilarating. These earrings can be worn on any occasion and all the times. Pearl earrings are available in number of styles and patterns and colors. While choosing pearl earrings from a collection, buy the one which is according to your taste and can boost your personality by making you more charming. One having round face structure can go for small pearls while women with square shaped face can take large pearl earrings. It is a good candidate for a gift item to sister, friend or love. You can also choose pearl earrings according to your dress attire. With formal dress simple studded pearls suits best while dangling pearl earrings looks good with evening dress.

Cubic zirconia earrings are the most gorgeous entity in jewelry items. They are replacing the original diamonds. They are not considered cheap, fake or less precious. Only professionals can differentiate between the real diamond earrings and cubic zirconia earrings. Women prefer them because of their low prices and the beauty. They are also free from the tension of losing them. They are flawless in appearance and are durable. The typical cubic zirconium earrings are usually colorless. They are white in color but like diamonds they glitter on exposure to natural and artificial light. These are also available in brown, orange, rose pink, blue sapphire colors. These earrings are available in different styles and shapes. Cubic zirconia earrings are set in gold, silver or platinum which add more to the beauty of these earrings.

Elizabeth Taylor: Jewelry Lover, Movie Legend

I was deeply saddened to hear of Elizabeth Taylor's passing today. Not only was she a groundbreaking movie star and a noted philanthropist (I actually named my beloved cat, Taylor, after her. Yeah. I'm that person.) -  she shared a passion all of us here hold near and dear to our hearts.


No one personified the "lower jaw drop' jewelry moment quite like Dame Liz, so in honor of her memory here's a list of what I consider to be her top 5 gob-smacking glitter possessions for your drooling pleasure.

And for those of you moved by her life to reach out, I read that fans are encouraged to make donations to her beloved charity, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, a cause for which she raised over $50 million throughout her life. Wow.

1. Cartier Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Elizabeth Taylor was given this stunning Cartier creation by her third husband, Mike Todd, who tragically died in a plane crash thirteen months into their marriage. She writes of the piece in her book "Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair With Jewelry"

"I'd never seen anything like that in my life. I probably never will again. He was so generous, and he just took such care of me.  I felt so protected. And loved."  (Indeed!)

2. The Taj Mahal Diamond

For Elizabeth's 40th birthday, Richard Burton presented her with the historical Taj Mahal diamond - a flat heart shaped stone with inscribed Arabic, surrounded by rubies and diamonds and a yellow-gold necklace.

"I would have liked to buy the Taj Mahal for Elizabeth", joked Burton, "but it would have cost too much to transport it."

3. La Peregrina Pearl

Another gift from Burton, the Peregrina Pearl is thought to be the finest example of a pear-shaped natural pearl, weighing in a 55.95 carats. 
The stone was once owned by the infamous Queen Mary Tudor of England and was set in a stunning necklace by Cartier in 1969.
4. The Krupp Diamond

Richard Burton's first big purchase for his wife was the 33.19 carat Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond. Originally belonging to the Krupp estate, it was given to Miss Taylor in 1968 and was mounted on a ring, which made frequent public appearances.

The Krupps were a German family that supplied munitions to the Nazis and "helped knock off millions of Jews", Taylor writes in her book. "How perfect it would be if a nice Jewish girl like me were to own it."


5. The Taylor-Burton Diamond

Last but certainly not least is the record-breaking rock Burton purchased for Taylor that was the most expensive stone in the world back in the day clocking in at $1.1 million.

He acquired the 69.42-carat diamond from Cartier - the jeweler who also set the stone in a necklace for Taylor to wear to the 1970 Oscars. (see my rave about the piece here for more on that).

Taylor later sold the diamond treasure to raise money for a children's hospital.

There are certainly many other jaw-dropping jewels associated with Elizabeth Taylor - the Bulgari emeralds, the bejeweled headresses, the tiaras - but these are my top 5.

Please weigh in with other Elizabeth Taylor jewelry thoughts you'd like to share. And raise a glass tonight in honor of Dame Elizabeth Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky. What a life.

Conference Season Starting!

I'm going just down to Dallas for my next conference  - about an hour from here - to the Texas AER teachers and parents conference. It's one long Thursday and a decent Friday of hotel land and gettig to see people I only see once a year. The people attending ad presenting sessions are those wo povide services throughout the state. Some of them are the best of the whole US crop, and I'm anxious to see whatthey've got at te sessions and get caught up on the newest technology from Dan the Man, our Human Ware rep! For those of you with kids who aren't yet using electronic note takers, just wait; your kiddos will be flying with them! Connecting t the Internet, writing papers, downloading and reading books...
there's so much you can do with them. I was hoping Ethan could go Friday, but no luck, he's got state mandated pre testing!

I'm getting a lot more jewelry ready for the second of my Spring/Summer conferences. New, lower priced items with the silver plated cell beads, soldered copper and brass bracelets on leather or chain, a handful of Steampunk Braille and chain maille braille, as well as LOTS of new pewter pins, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and bookmarks. Whew!! There will be a lot of things I can make at the conference soyou can take it when you leave, instead of waiting to haveit mailed. (I swear I wn't forget my tools this conference!)

Heather, from the UNT metals class, has been here a few times and has halped me put together a lovely sterling silver and copper multi-layer locket, and she's chomping at the bit to throw some pieces into the caster for bronze reproduction! (She's just got to get through her final weeks of classs, first!) I'm hoping she and I will be able to get to a lot more fun, creative and inventive ideas during the summer when we're not busy with work.

I've been designing pieces for the five-year-old's graduate classes at the Anchor Center in Denver, a wonderful school providng servces and a social arena for children birth through age five, and two pieces for the Little Rock Foundation, a camp with its headquarters based in Voorhees, New Jersy. There are also pieces in the works for several people retiring or graduating from high shool and college. Casting has allowed me such an amazing outlet, and the people at Reaper Miniatures couldn't be more friendly and easy going, which makes the times I go in to work there much more fun!

I'll see you Texas folks at TAER, and of course, look forward seeing the other exhibitors from out of state - let the braille jewelry throw-down begin! ;-D

Shoes use for multipurpose

In the ancient times the introduction of shoes are mainly done with the sole interest of securing and putting safety measures for the feet. But down the years the concept of wearing shoes has gone through dramatically changes such that in today’s date there is lot more usage attached to the product. It has truly become multipurpose with safety measures and being a style statement. There are exclusive shoes available for running, jumping, playing, walking, party shoes, funky shoes, sneakers, office shoes and many others. Similarly like this there are skates shoes too which is exclusively crafted for skating purpose. These are special shoes with higher grips to hold different forms of skating difficulties, for skating dance and for high rated skating athletics. However common people who love skating may also taste the flavor of adventure with this skating shoes and it is found for all age groups.

The Skate shoes can also be found as discount shoes where the price is much reasonable and affordable for all. Skating is a favorite sport for every age group and that is why the demand is much more among kids to teenagers to aged men. And if a discount can be fetched then there is nothing like it. The skating shoes are designed keeping in mind the fun of the sports giving vibrant and bright colors to the shoe. The designs are also crafted with many thoughts by the manufacturers since the main aim is to cover the feet and give ultimate protection during skiing. The skating shoes are often of various designs and shapes which are quite attractive.

There are number of brands which are supporting the creation of skating shoes. It is however the sports shoe creators like Adidas shoes and its Adidas shoe company which forms the pioneer of this sport shoe. It is there that you can find excellent quality and absolute comfort with great style and grip unparallel to any other competition. There are discount shoes available but it is only at a specific period of the year. To crack a great deal the perfect combination of good quality, superior brand, comfort and lesser price is the ultimate mantra.

Mona Lisa's Mega-Gem Makeover

What do you do with a 30-year collection of precious gemstones? If you're an anonymous Chinese collector with an affinity for Da Vinci, you create a 100,000-carat replica of the Mona Lisa and put it on display in a local shopping mall.

And you thought The Real Housewives had too much leisure time?

The carat-heavy creation is thought to be the most expensive replica of the masterwork and perhaps the most expensive artwork ever made - taking five years to complete.

While many strange materials have been utilized in the past as the basis for Mona Lisa duplicates - including coffee cups, pieces of toast, motherboard components and even burger grease - jewels and gems are apparently a first.

So what's the price tag for macked-out Mona? The secretive designer won't reveal the final number - which is sure to be hefty one if it goes on the auction block later this year.

In the meantime, mall rats can marvel at Mona in between stops at the Shenyang shopping center food court and accessory splurges at Claire's.

Eternity Bands: The Most Stunning Present

Most of the relations get a start with eternity rings or engagement rings. Exchanging a wedding band for starting a new life is also a good idea. These bands can also be used for engagement purposes. When you choose eternity band as a present to give to your life partner, then a long lasting bonding between you and your partner is guaranteed. Eternity bands are regarded as the sign of love and sincerity.

Most of the times people prefer to use a ring in which diamonds or gems are embedded as a present to be given on the wedding anniversary to display wealth and lavishness. But choosing an anniversary band as a present not only represent the richness but it also symbolizes trust. Eternity bands with diamonds can be used to represent the ultimate hope and sincerity between husband and wife. That is why this present is the most romantic one to be given to your wife on the wedding anniversary.

Most of the wedding rings are structured in such a way that they have a circular array of arranged diamonds and in this pattern the ring becomes so much costly that’s is why most of the people prefer to choose eternity bands as half part of them has diamonds fixed on it and that is why these bands are cost effective.

These bands are available in different designs such as: paved, raised, closed claw look. The diamonds or gems with different looks are also used in these bands like rectangular or square looks or cut pattern etc.

These bands are the best present to be given to your wife at special times like on the birth of a baby, wedding anniversary, birthday etc. as they will definitely reflect the passionate love and ultimate affection between you and your wife and your love for each other will grow more.

These bands can also be used as present when you are going to meet someone special for the first time. These bands are also used on engagement ceremonies.

So of you have some one special, for whom you care a lot, then don’t waste time and buy eternity bands for him/her in order to show your affectionate love.

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