Julia Roberts Rocks 'Barely There' Bling Trend

Is it me? Or has celebrity jewelry fashion dropped completely off the radar this month? I've been searching high and low for big summertime stars to wow me with their bauble choices at various movie premieres and the like...and well...it just ain't happening.

And then it occurred to me. Maybe (gasp!) less is more?

Take Julia Roberts at her Larry Towne premiere in LA this week. Nevermind the on-trend menswear look (which I find 'safe' and 'snore-worthy') - but take a gander at the jewelry choice. Simple diamond studs and a three-strand emerald wrap necklace by Beladora.com. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

Or how about Jenna Elfman at the same event? Just a splash of a  yellow gold drop earring and she's good to go.

And Katie Holmes sported similar 'tiny treasure' style at the LA Film Festival in small pearl earrings and a delicate yellow gold 'S' pendant (for daughter Suri, I suppose). Sweet.

So while we've all been starved for a lower jaw-drop moment since the Cannes Film Festival over a MONTH ago - I have to admit: I'm OK with diamonds on the down-low every once in a while.

Just DON'T make it a habit, Hollywood.

Silver Arrow Through Dimensional Space

Hand half painted black leather with silver sparkly stone shooting through space, for equal amusement $46

Black and White Mod Button

Vintage black white and yellow and khaki buttons!
Mixed variety! This one kicks butt! $46

Epic Exposure

Huge antique sterling silver, chased and repoussed pendant, with strand of mixed glass, agate, jet and granite beads, with triple chain of silver. $189

Blogger Troubles

Anyone else having issues with Blogger? Sometime in May I bacame unable to respond to comments on my blog or edit posts. It just kept bumping me back to the Signin page. Their Help page was useless-it told me to clear my cache, make sure cookies were enabled, blah, blah. That was done and I still couldn't log in. It seems they have been aware of this problem since at least May and haven't bothered to fix it. So I decided to download Firefox. I loved it! I had no trouble with my blog, it was faster, and I had my beloved Google toolbar. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the way the Bookmarks worked. Then Firefox told me I needed to update to the new version. If I had only known. Now I can't even log into my blog, and the new version is not compatible with the Google toolbar. So I'm back to square one, having to open IE to post but not able to comment. So any of you who are commenting on my posts, please know that I do appreciate it and I'm not ignoring your comments.

Week 21-Bronze Viking Knit Necklace

The theme for this week had something to do with red. I've been involved in the campaign to recall Rick Snyder so I'm so far behind I don't remember. :D So this is a bronze single Viking knit necklace. The center decoration is wired to the chain. I pictured it in my head as bigger and blingier but I wasn't about to do it over. The centerpiece is keishi pearls with garnets in the center. The spirals are wired with black spinels that have a nystic coating. I first photographed it leaving the wire bright but later decided to oxidize it. That was a good move because that's when it sold. People seem to like patinas lately.

Jewelry Gift Guide for New Moms

Jewelry is often the go-to gift of choice for those 'BIG LIFE' occasions: weddings, anniversaries, graduations, it's Wednesday... But there is one present-producing event that often gets the shaft when it comes to shiny things: giving birth.

As a new mom myself, I surely appreciated the deluge of diapers and the like. But do you think jewelry-loving new moms like Rachel Zoe should have to settle for nipple cream and a bottle brushes? I think not! And neither should any of you other mommies out there.

So in honor of all that hard labor, ladies, I've collected a few of my favorite gift options for new moms. Just click on the heading or image for buying options and more info.

(A sidenote: #1MOM pendants should be banned from NOT JUST our jewelry boxes, gift givers - but the earth.)

1. Pink and Blue Gemstones:

If this seems a bit 'on the nose' - think again. Gems like the pink sapphire or aquamarine could remind moms of their gurgling bundles of joy - or could also work as just a fun fashion piece.

Birthstone Jewelry:

Always a crowd-pleaser, moms will love to have birthstone gems from the month their babies were born. Especially if it's an April baby (diamonds, anyone?).


This traditional jewelry silhouette never goes out of style. And you can find some options with birthstones already in the design.

Charm Bracelets:

What better time to start a charm bracelet, right? You can get baby shoe charms, birthday charms, initial charms - the list is endless. I'm waiting on the epidural needle charm to make mine complete.

Teething Jewelry:

Carrying the benefit of both 'Form' and 'Function', teething jewelry gifts are a fashionable way to get jewelry in a new mom's wardrobe during those grabby first months. And if there's a patent for drool-proof clothing? I'd like to add that to my list too.

So let's get out there and make us some shiny, happy mommies, gift givers. Are there any moms out there who have other jewelry ideas they'd like to add? Weigh in!

Men on Silver Jewelry

Jewelries are often seen on females. It does not depend onto what age group the person is; as long as the person is female most likely jewelries will be a great part of her daily accessory. Jewelries come in many shapes, designs, sizes, and made. Prices also vary from the qualities that have just been mentioned. There are a great number of shapes for jewelry. It can take out the form of just anything, from inscribed names, wordings, to cartoon characters, and zodiac signs. Different symbols are also used for jewelry’s shape, and many other things. Jewelries can also be embedded by different stones, some are cheap stones and other is just expensive stones like diamonds, emerald, and other precious stones. Jewelries are also made from different materials, whereas the famous would be gold and silver, although other jewelries are also made from alloys metals, or also known as mixed-metals.

Among gold and silver jewelry, gold are the most famous among the two, but silver are the one mostly worn by people of different ages. Not only because silver are cheaper than gold, but also for the reason that silver jewelries have a non-biased color than can be worn to just about any color of clothes, unlike gold that has a yellowish color shade on it. From the types of silver jewelries, silver rings are one of the jewelry types that are also widely worn by male alike. It is the type of jewelry that can be considered as a unisex jewelry. Silver rings are actually mostly found in males than in females. Ever watched a gangster movie, or a movie that concerns hip-hop, or any action movie? Try to focus on the fingers of the actors and actresses. A silver ring or two can be seen mostly on actors than in actresses. Proving the point that rings made out of silver can be mostly seen worn by men than women. And the silver bracelets are also popular to the males as well. As for women, they are more fond wearing gold jewelries than silver, maybe for a reason that gold jewelries are more classy to wear and look at, giving a sense of elegant, compare to silver jewelries. And also, that is maybe one of the reason why men are fond in wearing silver jewelries, for opposite reason that silver jewelries are simpler to wear and to look at, leaving a touch of manliness even when wearing a silver jewelry.

Pearl Jewelry at the Purrrfect Price

Free jewelry. Other than 'cocktail hour' and 'lottery win' I can't think of two words in the English language I'd rather hear. So I'm spreading the news that my sugar mamma, Jewelry.com, just launched their latest Sweepstakes extravaganza with three blingy jewels up for grabs.
June is all about pearls in the jewelry world. It's this month's birthstone, it's "the" go-to graduation gift and brides-a-kimbo put them on to walk down the aisle. So wouldn't you know it? Jewelry.com decided to center their sweepstakes around it (savvy sparkle sellers that they are).

It's called the "Purrrrfect Pearl Sweepstakes", and there are three very worthy pieces up for grabs.

Pearl & Diamond Necklace in 14K Gold. (Retail Value: $679.00)

Pearl and Black & White Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold (Retail Value $579)

Pearl Clover Earrings in 10K Gold with Diamonds (Retail Value: $199)
All you do is visit the Jewelry.com Facebook Page to enter or click here. You can also shop their Purrrfect Pearl Collection here that features some of their hottest pearl styles at up to 80% off retail - a refreshingly strand-free stash that has lots of fashion forward finds.

But first and foremorest (as my dad always used to say) "You can't win if you don't play." Words to live by in the jewelry hunt, playing the lottery - and in life.

Did I mention there's FREE JEWELRY?

(just sayin')

Gifts are Going Silver

There are a million things you can give someone on scores of occasions. You can give your friends airplanes like Elvis did, or you can give a gift of sterling silver jewelry. You can be sure it will be received with as much enthusiasm as would airplanes. There are a lot of things that come in between. Jewelry itself holds many and numerous possibilities. Silver jewelry, we daresay, holds a place of its own by being trendy, fashionable and, most of all, inexpensive. Gone are the days when silver jewelry was looked down upon. With the economic condition being on the brink for many people, silver ornaments have gained a respectable place in the life of man.

Contrary to popular belief, silver is harder than gold to touch when it is transformed into sterling silver and sterling silver jewelry is even harder, so you can be sure that your gift will remain in circulation for long. Unless, of course, in the unlikely event of the recipient losing it, or throwing it away.

Silver jewelry has the facility to look businesslike as well as casual. It can transform itself into something serious and be at home as part of a millionaire's attire. It can also take the look of a casual wearer like a college student on a night out. The sophisticated aura of the rich man will rub off on sterling silver jewelry and enhance its appeal. The college kid will pass on his casual attitude to the silver jewelry, thereby making him blend in with the general atmosphere. That is the malleability of silver jewelry. It can thus be an ideal gift to both high end business people and low end and frivolous teenagers. The people who fall between the two categories too can be brought into an amenable lot.

No wedding is complete without a wedding ring. Many a couple these days prefer inexpensive yet trendy silver jewelry to traditional gold and diamonds. We would like to congratulate them for their sensible decision. If you give them a silver wedding ring, it would be just the thing they need. You may even give the attendants a thoughtful set of silver jewelry at a little extra cost, but the goodwill you earn will surely be immense.

Before buying a gift, however, you would do well to try and find out what silver jewelry the intended recipient already owns. This way, you can make a gift of something he/she does not already have in his/her possession.

Lauded Empiricism


Moonlight Rider


How to Ensure that the Sterling Silver Jewelry is Genuine

For a long time, silver has been used to bring an aura of class to the wearer. As far as making a fashion statement is concerned, sterling silver jewelry does it beautifully - as long as it is genuine. It would be very embarrassing to buy fake sterling silver jewelry and have it fade in glamour, compared to the genuine ones. Ensuring that you have bought genuine sterling silver jewelry will enhance your social standing and it will also give you value for your money. In any case, you will feel more confident with the genuine type.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of fake silver jewelry on the market. It is therefore important that you are careful when you are buying the jewelry. That notwithstanding, there are ways in which you can ensure that the piece you have is of the genuine type. The following is an outline of these tips:

• Carrying out the acid test - due to the influx of cheap imitations of sterling silver jewelry in the market, it has become imperative that consumers take a lot of care when they are buying this precious metal. A nitric acid test can be used to determine the authenticity of the jewelry. You can do the test by on your own, although it is highly recommended that you leave it to a jeweler, as he has the necessary expertise. Rubbing a small portion of the silver jewelry vigorously and then applying small amounts of nitric acid will determine the genuineness of the piece. Authentic pieces will produce a cloudy grey color, while fakes turn the liquid green. It is important however that you use a part that would not be noticed easily.
• Relate to the stamp law - it is important that you acknowledge that the law has made it obligatory that silver jewelry makers incorporate a 925 stamp on their pieces. The 925 signifies that the piece has 92.5 % silver. Alternatively, it could be stamped ‘sterling’. It is important to note that the stamp could be at any point and therefore you need to check carefully.
• Buying only from vendors of repute - getting the sterling silver jewelry from vendors of good repute is important as far as ensuring that the pieces are genuine. It would definitely be important that you do some research to help you in this endeavor. Consulting friends and relatives could help you in this.

Week 20-Copper Tubing Necklace

Trying to play catch-up. The theme for week 20 was Three Feet of Wire and for once I managed to stick with the theme. I ran 16 gauge sterling silver wire through some 1/4" copper tubing which I then beat with a hammer. The spirals were formed and forged with a hammer. Then I spent about two hours dragging out half of my stash to try and figure out what to hang from the bottom. I finally gave up and just attached a vintage skeleton key. I've heard it said that we should charge for our design time but I think charging someone 30 bucks because I can't make up my mind is a little overboard. LOL Someone thought that the key was okay because they bought it at a show already.

Tutti Frutti Treasure Triumphs at Christie's

Lower jaw-drop alert, jewelry hounds! I've been trolling auction results again. I know. The first step is admitting you have a problem. BUT - if I went on a diamond diet, who would bring you face to face with the likes of THIS amazing creature?

What is this explosion of Art Deco decadence, you ask? It's a Cartier 'Tutti Frutti' bracelet - and those are real diamonds designed in the shape of an undulating vine, with real emerald bead leaves and real ruby flowers and berries.

Ain't it just diVINE?

The Tutti Frutti jewelry category emerged after Jacques Cartier designed this staggering little number called the 'Hindu Necklace" for one of America's richest women, Daisy Fellowes, in 1936.

How do you know it's Tutti Fruiti? Look for precious gemstones or cabochons in the shape of flowers, berries and vines. Look for diamonds. Don't look at the price tag.

The Tutti Frutti bracelet at the top of the post went for a cool $1,880,332 yesterday - the highest price at auction for a Tutti Frutti jewel. So you might want to look into a winning lottery ticket, a pig flying or hell freezing over if you want to grab one for your own collection.

HOWEVER. In typical Insider style, I gawk at the gazillionaire gems and come down to earth with fun fruity styles with 'mere mortal' price points.

Who doesn't love these Tutti Frutti-inspired treasures on Jewelry.com? C'mon! Click on any image for more info - and get in touch with your inner fruitcake!

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