Shopping silver smart ways

Shopping silver is not that easy when you have to shop smart. Some of the serious silver sales men out there in the market can easily deceive one with the exaggerated sales pitches about their products and commodities. Silver necklace is greatly attractive commodities. When you buy your silver necklace for the first time, you should be aware of certain vital facts that are to be considered. It is towards buying quality silver jewelry in the first place and secondarily towards being cost effective as well.

Carat of silver

Silver is usually purchased based upon the number of carats of pure silver present in the specific commodity. The rate of measure is called as the carat. The same measure is used to estimate the gold as well. 24 carats of gold just means that it is of hundred percentage pure silver. Likewise, in case of silver also you have different grades to represent the particular proportions of purest forms of silver in the commodity that you intend to purchase.

The costs associated towards the silver jewelry, especially in the case of sterling silver jewelry, is directly proportional to the number of carats of silver that is contained in the commodity. It could be the silver necklace; silver bracelets, silver earring, silver ring and any other product of silver, yet all of them do have a rating based upon the carats of silver present in it. Generally, some of top brands of silver jewelry do have two to three different grades of silver out of which their products are made for commercial reasons.

It is to facilitate clientele of all classes. In addition, it is because of their own advantage when it comes to manufacturing of this jewelry. They do not waste any kind of silver that do vary in the range of impurities present in it. They do make money out of all the varieties of silver that are used in the workshop. Hence, it is totally altogether a completely profitable attribute from the businesspersons’ perspective. In addition, the numbers of customers that are available for the secondary and tertiary grades of gold and silver are of a wide range.

In fact, the fashion trends change dramatically in these two classes and there is always a great demand for these two classes. The top grades are purely meant to be made for the creamy layer in the society and hence the costs associated towards the first quality are pretty higher. At the same time, the number of choices that are available will also be extremely.

Katy Perry: Smurfette in Sapphires

Katy Perry's dress at the Smurfs movie premiere in New York yesterday almost stole the show from the little blue guys themselves!

Sporting a bedazzled Smurfette corsette designed by The Blondes, a smurf manicure and blue Louboutins - what else does the voice of the world's most famous female smurf need?

How about sapphires? Seems the like the smurfiest choice, right?

Looks like Ms. Perry took the blue bling to heart, wearing a pair of sapphire button earrings and what looks like a sapphire, diamond and gold bangle bracelet (still looking for designer credits...anyone know?)

The other jewelry highlight of the night was violet vixen, Sofia Vergara, in a a gorgeous Missoni gown, turquoise earrings and elbow-deep bangles in every shade of purple - all by Lorraine Schwartz!

Papa Smurf? Eat your heart out!!!

Silver – The essential facts

One of the key aspects that the women tend to fall for is the jewels. Majority of the women would instantly fall for a gift that is made of silver or gold. A few words of sweet talk and a fashionable silver bracelet are quite enough for impressing your women right flat to get whatever you want from her. The cost associated towards the silver jewelry is not as high as that of the gold, diamond and platinum. It is far cheaper than the price of those prime commodities. Still the products are quite attractive and last longer if maintained properly.

Ways of maintaining silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver ring and all forms of silver jewelry are explained detail in the most of the manufacturer’s places. However, most of us do not bother to spend much time with the repair and maintenance shop professionals of the jewelry mart, but rather would lover to inquire the sales men for the latest in the market. if you spend a couple of minutes on how well they are maintaining the showroom pieces that are kept for display to the customers, then you might understand easily on how to protect the silver jewelry of yours in the houses as well.

The temperature inside the jewelry mart is well maintained but the same temperature and pressure conditions cannot be maintained in case of all the household places. The centralized air conditioned environment completely free from any kind of moisture and well protected by glass coverings are all the important aspects which are to be noted. These important aspects really do help extensively in maintaining the luster, shine and the brand new looks of all the silver products and commodities in the silver jewelry mart

. Moreover, apart from that the sales clerks are trained to polish them slightly whenever required in case of any jewel is remaining in the showroom for quite a long time. In that way they ensure that, the whole of the place is quite attractive with brand new looking products of variety kind. The polishing of the jewels is done with extreme care using a soft cloth specially made for this purpose. Rubbing against the jewel in gentle ways in primordial areas of cleavage and gaps where dust can cling upon the jewelry, is necessary. Use very minute quantity of polish alone and not in excess at any point of time. It is a safe practice for the silver jewelry as well cost effective too.

All that glitters could be silver

The craze for silver jewelry is always there internationally among a whole lot of communities around the world. The pureness of silver in a jewel to the maximum possible proportions adds on to the beauty, luster and brightness of the product. When it comes to silver jewels, the most important aspect is the maintenance part of it.

One has to always bear in mind about this very important fact that the silver jewels tend to react with the atmosphere quite easily when compared to the gold and diamond. It is this quality of the silver, which makes it inferior to gold. Still ornaments, which are made out of silver, are of a wide range. It is because of the enormous amount of flexibility possible in manufacturing silver commodities of intricate design and elegance. Not all those complicated designs that are made with the silver can be made out of the gold as well. It is because of the tensile strength variation between the two metals.

The reaction with the atmospheric gases, dirt and dust makes the metal to lose its luster in due course of time. One can find the silver rings to slowly diminish in their color, brightness and attractive looks. The silver necklaces gradually tend to become darker and one cannot say that it is a precious commodity any more. Still even under such worst conditions, the silver jewels could be polished to regain back the original luster and shine.

Usually polishing is done with some additional amount of fresh silver so that the component weight will be maintained as its original. Chemical reactions that take place in the surface of the silver metal over the years make it to lose some weight. Moreover before polishing certain process like washing in acid and brushing are carried out. All these involve removal of the outer layer of the metal to a certain extent. Hence, in order to compensate for this lost weight, it is customary to buy and give the smith some more new silver.

Earring Variety

Earrings; top to bottom: pink agate: $25
brass circles: $15

Horseshoe Arrowhead

an intimate combination between a
horseshoe and arrowhead, beholden a blue crystal, with an extremely dense weight, celebrated by pink quartz and jet black beads along one side and heavy raw steel chain on the other-- celebrated with a symbol of all..$170

Dog Days Sale and New Pewter Pieces

I've been running around the yard this last month, chasing my tail and trying to keep everything from dying - alas, it looks like I've lost three new trees; there's been NO RAIN! :-(

But, in light of my somewhat futile attempts to save plant lives, I've decided this is the perfect time to have...

A SALE! So, 10 percent off everything, and/or 25% off fashion alphabet bracelets!!! (What that means is, sorry, there's not an additional 10% off the already 25% off fashion alphabet bracelets.) Hopefully, this let's get something good out of this awful drought, right?! (I'll post a discount a.s.a.p.; until then, just order if you'd like, and I'll give the 10% off of whatever you order, and/or 25% off of the fashion alphabet bracelet after you've purchased.)

Also, if you're interested in any of the 'Dirty Braille,' (I've had a lot of requests for the 'f-bomb') or any of the other pewter pieces, such as the 'Touching Words,' pictured on the blog and FB, just ask. Sad to say, we've been so busy with house painting in 100+ degree temps and planting things that need babying in this heat wave, we've yet to post photos with proper buttons!

As we leave tomorrow to drive Ethan to his three-week NFB-CO Indipendence Initiative program, and Spencer goes next weekend to stay with his Nana and Papa in Hot Springs Village, Eric and I are looking forward to two weeks free of any obligations other than our own! BIZARRE!!!

Duchess Catherine Jewelry Roundup


Now that Princess Kate and Prince Wills have left the continent, I've finally been able to sift through all of the elegant and surprisingly conservative jewelry statements our favorite royal wore on her whirlwind tour.

Before I get to it, I'm thrilled to announce that my sugar mamma, gave me a little corner of their blingy universe to bring you all the great celebrity looks I gush about here at prices we mere mortals can afford. Click here to see my first go at it - A Princess Kate-themed bauble extravaganza with all of the looks featured in this post and then some!

Perhaps we should have known from the moment we saw her down-low diamond tiara choice for her walk down the aisle that this princess-to-be is not one to 'BRAG' about her bling. Rather, we're seeing a continuation of that 'splash of sparkle' trend I've spotted on the red carpet this summer - along with a few sartorial surprises.

They don't call her the "Discount Duchess" for nothing. I like that she's open to using her accessories with more than one outfit - like the sapphire drops pictured above and below with her diamond cross pendant.

And our Kate loves to bring out the basics - crosses, circles, and studs. Certainly not a 'fashion-forward' choice but a great way to bring the jewelry box classics back on trend.  

Chandeliers made a swinging appearance - on loan from the Queen - at the tony BAFTA event held in Los Angeles, where the Duchess rubbed elbows with Hollywood royalty like Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon.

And the surprises? I don't think I've ever touted a celebrity citrine piece - and these barely there drop earrings by Kiki McDonough are just lovely. Citrine. Who knew?

These tiny treasure-esque gold leaf earrings are just the right touch of whimsy. Remember her diamond acorn earrings from the wedding (pictured above)? Somewhere, The Lorax is smiling... 

Speaking of tree-themed accessories? Everyone was talking about the diamond maple leaf brooch the Duchess wore on several occasions while visiting our Canadian friends to the north. It's another loaner from the Queen's coffers - and continues to give the brooch category some oomph (Michelle Obama? Watch your back.)

But with 40 outfits making the rounds for her 9 day adventure across the pond, this is just the tip of the 'ice' berg. A reminder to visit for a complete sale curated by yours truly, where I've collected all the top Kate jewelry looks and paired them with pieces you can bring home to your own jewelry box.

Get in touch with your inner princess, jewelry hounds! Kate's style makes it easy. makes it affordable.  Enjoy!

Sterling Silver Jewelry and the people who love

Jewelries are famous as a woman’s design. But not only girls wear sterling silver jewelry, guys as well. Nowadays, individuals wear jewelries as a part of their daily lifestyle. Some individuals wear jewelries because they already have been accustomed in wearing them, some wear jewelries as a part or as an added attraction or an extension of their costume. In the past, jewelries are worn meticulously, and not just a plain ornament as many individuals treat them nowadays.

Jewelries are made in a different fashion from one another. Not only by sizes, look and shapes they carry, but mainly by the ore that was used in making them. Metals and stones are what really made up jewelry, but in such cases some other materials are attached to it, such as threads, beads, and other sorts of ornaments. Precious gems and stones are often use in jewelries like silver and gold. Both of these precious ores are measured by a certain kind of unit. Wherein gold, carat signifies its uniqueness, and in diamonds carat is use for its heaviness. The carat unit of the material also gives its logical amount, the higher the carat the more expensive the jewel is. And gold and diamonds are quite pricey materials for jewelries, which is why not all individuals can afford jewelries with gold and other precious metals. And also, that is why the use of another precious but far cheaper ore has been introduced, and that is that of silver.

Jewelries are not really made up of pure silver, for pure silver is 99.9 percent and it would be too soft to make it as an ornament. That is why from the Easter ling area of Germany, silver handlers the individuals who craft various kinds of jewelry, added some mixture of certain metal like copper, zinc, or platinum on a 92 percent silver, thus making a special mixture making it a silver necklace or a silver ring.

Sterling silvers are more popular today as an everyday jewelry than can be worn in many different days, and very affordable to many individuals because of its far cheaper price compare to other types of jewelry. Sterling silver jewelries also can match almost many combination of outfit because of its unique design, unlike the sight of gold which offers fewer color combination for clothing. Silvers are not only use in jewelries but also for silver designs as well. In fact, sterling silver is particularly used for table utensils during the first century.

Flip Side Pendant with Destroyed Paint and Gold

fleur de lis pendant with the entire astrological empire surrounding it! $44

Scenes from the Studio...

A work in progress--a new design from my Fall/Winter 2011 collection. More designs coming soon!

Paris Haute Couture Shows Bring the Bling

The Fall/Winter 2011 Paris Haute Couture shows just wrapped in the city of lights, and - as we all know - where there is Haute Couture? There is bling. And wacky hats.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the event - most from Dior (sans their brilliant wretch, John Galliano) and Armani Prive (house of Oscar, royal weddings and all things Gaga).

Leprechan's Rejoice! We've got a rainbow of oversized statement necklaces and cocktail rings to gawk at this go round!

Armani Prive



I also spotted a return of the gold leaf silhouette at the stunning Giambattista Valli show.

Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli

(P.S. Guess who else is into gold leaf looks these days????)

And no Haute Couture Show would be complete without the chapeau showdown, right?

So there you have it, bling hounds. Colorful, oversized gems, yellow gold, leaf silhouettes and 'hold-on-to your-hair-follicles' headwear are the take-away trends from Paris.

Want the look? I'm thinkin''s "Bijoux de Chloe" designer collection is the perfect expression of that sentiment - at prices that are frugalista fabulous! Here's a few of their high-fashion looks for less, jewelry hounds. You like?

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